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Aron Kremer Professional Photography Coach


Born and raised in New York, Aron Kremer is a professional photographer that has lived in Japan for more than twenty-five years, speaks Japanese and has traveled extensively around the country. His photos have appeared on travel websites and other online resources throughout the world. His client list spans numerous governments and industries, including real estate, PR, management consulting, entertainment, healthcare, aviation, transportation, media and nonprofit organizations.

With his extensive experience and impressive resume, Aron is offering his services as a photography coach to help you up your game, whether you want to simply take nice travel photos or do photography for a living. He will discuss your photographic aspirations with you in counselling sessions which are free for HealthyTokyo members, and customizes lessons to suit your unique needs.

Offers lessons on location, in Tokyo area, decided on through mutual agreement.
Please contact by phone (090-4596-1865) or email (

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Special Offers

  • Premium Member Discount of 50%

    Aron Kremer Professional Photography Coach black and white bargain Discount

    Premium Members receive a discount of 50% off each hourly lesson. That is just ¥5,000* for a full hour of coaching.

    *Standard price is ¥10,000/hour

  • HealthyTokyo Membership cardholders receive 30% off lesson prices

    Aron Kremer Professional Photography Coach focusing Discount

    All HealthyTokyo Basic Members receive a 30% discount - Special Member Price ¥7000/hour*

    *Standard price is ¥10,000/hour

Products & Services

  • Photography

    Aron Kremer Professional Photography Coach camera settings Understanding your photographic aspirations

    During our initial session we will discuss your previous experience with photography to understand your staring point and explore your interests and aspirations. Please prepare some of your favorite photos (that you have taken or others have taken) as a basis for our discussion.

    Customized Lessons9000

    Aron is happy to customize programs for beginner and intermediate photographers, based on your interests. Contact him for details.

    Special Price for HealthyTokyo Members is ¥9000 / hour after 10% discount*

    *Standard price is ¥10,000/hour

    Sample Lesson (Getting off automatic)27000

    Getting Off Automatic - Part 1
    Getting Off Automatic – Learn how to use your camera before it uses you. The time is now to improve your skills and capture the great memories and images you want. Part 1 consists of two sessions in one day, two and a half hours of formal instruction and two hours of field practice.

    The formal instruction will focus on:
    - Why semi-automatic and manual are always better options than automatic
    - A discussion about light and measuring light
    - What is ISO?
    - What is shutter speed?
    - What is aperture?
    - What is the relationship between ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and focus
    - Where these controls are on your camera The field practice will be done outdoors at the nearby No River, where we will shoot using semi-automatic and manual settings. (For those who wish to continue, Part 2 and 3 will include specific skill building assignments to help you to gain more precise control over your camera and your photography.)

    Equipment Requirements: a digital camera with manual controls, the camera’s instruction manual (if possible).

    Each class is 3 hours.

    Special Price for HealthyTokyo Members is ¥27,000 per person after 10% discount*

    *Standard price is ¥30,000

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