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Chikara CrossFit in Tokyo Since 2010 Akasaka


Described as constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity, CrossFit is a fitness method that has become a global phenomenon. Since 2010, Chikara CrossFit in Tokyo has been welcoming new and established CrossFitters to take their skills to the next level at their Akasaka box.

As the first fully licensed and affiliated CrossFit box in Tokyo, Chikara CrossFit has played an integral role in the sport’s growth in Japan. Head Coach Michael Schaal opened Chikara CrossFit as a place where people of all backgrounds could come work out, discuss health and fitness and have some fun in a community of likeminded people. With 10 years of CrossFit experience, Schaal is an internationally recognized trainer who travels throughout Asia and abroad to offer his expertise to CrossFit coaches around the globe.

CrossFit newbies as well as professional athletes are welcome to train at Chikara CrossFit in Tokyo, which regularly sends participants to competitions and events such as the Master Weightlifting World Cup. The large space is spread out over two floors, offering ample room for group or individual training. While the body is the main equipment in CrossFit, the box is fully equipped with the essential tools to help you build on your endurance and strength. Their bilingual trainers aim to help members achieve their health and fitness goals through a stronger understanding of their abilities and physical needs. This means results that serve the individual in all aspects of their life, from work to time with family.

A free initial consultation is required for all those interested in becoming members and includes a movement and fitness assessment. This consultation aims to get at the “why” behind someone’s fitness journey to help determine the best path to to success. Following the consultation, new members take part in the Foundations Program to learn the essential movements of the CrossFit method. Once you’ve completed the program, it’s time to take on the WOD with fellow members. CrossFit group classes are offered for up to 12 participants throughout the week as well as scheduled open gym time. On Fridays, the box offers open gym time all day for anyone looking to come in and work on their own or with an instructor for individualized training.

In addition to CrossFit, Chikara has expanded its offerings to include yoga and nutritional counseling. Yoga classes of up to 15 people are led by Lululemon Ambassadors in the bright and sunny studio. Hatha yoga provides the perfect compliment to the intensity of CrossFit, helping to achieve balanced fitness. Nutritional counseling is also available for all members as well as non-members looking to build sustainable healthy habits. Programs are designed specifically for each client and involve bi-weekly check-ins, meal planning, basic cooking instruction and general nutrition education either in person or online.

Consistency is the most important element when it comes to excelling at CrossFit and gaining measurable and observable results. Chikara CrossFit in Tokyo allows members to easily sign up for CrossFit and yoga classes online -- a convenient way to stay on top of your training schedule. Accountability is another crucial component for achieving those results. Members are assigned to a coach to check in with regularly to avoid plateaus in their progress. They also offer access to WODrack to help members track their results.

Above all, the staff prides themselves on helping members create long-lasting habits that lead to continued success long after they leave the gym. Contact them today to schedule your free consultation and start your journey to balanced fitness at Chikara CrossFit in Tokyo.

About Us

Areas of Expertise

CrossFit, Yoga, Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling

Languages Spoken

English, Japanese





Special Offers

  • Free initial consultation for all new members

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    HealthyTokyo members can put their fitness goals into motion with three, six and 12-month training packages available at discounted rates from Chikara CrossFit.

Products & Services

  • CrossFit Guest Drop-in

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    CrossFitters from affiliated gyms around the world are welcome to train at Chikara CrossFit while visiting Tokyo. Please contact the box in advance to make arrangements. Newcomers to CrossFit aren’t eligible to take drop-in classes.

    First Class: Free
    1-Day Pass: ¥3,500
    2-Day Pass: ¥6,500
    1-Week Pass: ¥9,000

  • CrossFit Membership

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    Members can participate in both group CrossFit classes and open gym time. Monthly membership rates are determined based on the individual’s needs and commitment availability. All fees are discussed during an initial consultation. Kids’ programs also offered.

  • Yoga Classes

    Admission to a single yoga class. Both members and non-members are welcome to take part in Chikara’s yoga classes.

    ¥2,000 for Chikara CrossFit Members
    ¥3,000 for Drop-ins

  • Yoga Unlimited (Free Pass) Membership

    yoga chikara crossfit in tokyo

    Yoga members may take an unlimited number of classes during a 30-day period. There is an additional fee to join and payments will be processed automatically on the same date each month. Special events aren’t included in the Unlimited (Free Pass) Membership.

    ¥10,000 per month

  • Personal Training

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    Personal training sessions are available to individuals from all levels and backgrounds of fitness. Programs and rates are designed around the individual’s needs and requirements, following an initial consultation.

  • Nutritional Counseling

    trainers chikara crossfit in tokyo

    Both members and non-members of Chikara CrossFit may receive nutritional counseling. Programs and rates are tailored to the individual’s needs.


Chikara CrossFit


2-17-65 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

107 - 0052

Nearest Stations

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line at Akasaka Station (Exit 5A)

How to Get Here

Chikara CrossFit is a 4-minute walk from Akasaka Station. From Exit 5A, walk straight through one light and then turn left at Xiu-chan Ramen and continue walking straight until the street ends in front of Chikara.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    06:00a.m. - 09:00p.m.

  • Saturday

    07:00a.m. - 01:00p.m.

  • Sunday


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