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Fitness Cafe in Harajuku – NOHARA BY MIZUNO Since 2014


Harajuku is most famous for being the city in Japan that starts fashion trends and caters to youth culture, but now it can add fitness and healthy living to its name. Nohara by Mizuno Fitness Cafe in Harajuku, just a few minutes’ walk from the Station, is a quiet hidden gem in an otherwise dynamic hustle-bustle town. Discreetly located on the second floor of a red-brick building near Meijijinguemae Crossing, Nohara by Mizuno is a fitness studio, running station, café, and sports apparel shop all rolled into one.

The fitness studio, Nohara Studio, offers classes and lessons in dance, pilates, yoga and more. Classes can be viewed and booked online at their website. In addition, if you’re a teacher/instructor, the studio can be rented for about ¥5000/hour (details can also be found at their website). And since Nohara Café is just through the door, you can fill up on fantastic healthy food before or after your lessons!

Nohara’s running station is perfect if you exercise or run in nearby Yoyogi Park. For as low as ¥750 a day or unlimited use for ¥3000 a month, Nohara’s running station has lockers (48 women’s, 54 men’s), shoe boxes (48), showers (4 women’s, 3 men’s), and 36 security boxes. They also offer a variety of running programs for persons wishing to run with a group. Their unique concept allows busy persons who wish to keep healthy by running or jogging the opportunity to do so whether early in the morning or late evening before or after work.

But even if you’re just in the area to window shop or walk around, you can still enjoy Nohara by Mizuno’s amazing café and kitchen. There are ten individual tables with great views of the street below, and one long shared table indoors. Their menu has a large selection of mouth-watering hearty full meals, sandwiches, salads, sweets and drinks to choose from – everything is made with high-quality, healthy, fresh ingredients. The portions are surprisingly generous and the prices exceptionally reasonable. When you’re finished, you can browse Nohara’s various goods for sale, including training gear, footwear, casual wear, and accessories from their sponsor, Mizuno, a leading name in sports equipment and sportswear.

Nohara by Mizuno Fitness Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo is fresh new idea that will appeal to those in the area who desire to maintain a balanced, active lifestyle as well as those who simply want a money’s-worth healthy meal. They’re definitely worth a visit!

About Us

Areas of Expertise

Running station, Yoga and Pilates studio, Sportswear, Cafe, Healthy Foods, Vegetarian Soy-meat, Superfood Smoothies

Languages Spoken

Japanese, English menus

Cafe (Phone hours: 12:00〜20:00)


Studio, Running Station, Shop (Phone hours: 12:00〜20:00)



Special Offers

Products & Services


    Fitness Cafe in Harajuku - Nohara by Mizuno superfood smoothie Berry Magic

    Pamper yourself with our luxurious anti-aging berry-filled smoothie! Contains Goji berries, prune, blueberry, strawberry, banana, and soy milk. Try it and amaze yourself, it’s berry berry magic!
    Price: ¥880

    Green Cleanser

    Need to detox your body in the most delicious way? Then indulge yourself with our Green Cleanser smoothie. Made with Spirulina, kale, komatsuna, dates, pineapple, apple, and apple juice – drink yourself to a cleaner you in no time!
    Price: ¥880

    Sunrise Charge

    Revitalize yourself with a burst of tropical-tasting liquid energy with our Sunrise Charge smoothie! Bursting with Maca, ginger, coconut water, coconut chips, mango, and pineapple – say goodbye to body fatigue!
    Price: ¥880

  • RICE

    Fitness Cafe in Harajuku - Nohara by Mizuno chicken Power Chicken Plate

    Enjoy our deliciously juicy and healthy Power Chicken Plate. We use chicken thigh rich in high-quality protein (fatty skin removed). Served with soup, salad, and one side dish.
    Price: ¥1180 (weekdays ¥1080)

    Healthy Soy Meat Plate of the Day

    A low-fat, low-calorie, soy "the meat of the field" dish high in protein. As juicy as meat, good for fatigue, diets, and beautiful skin! Served with soup, salad, and one side dish.
    Price: ¥1180 (weekdays ¥1080)


    Fitness Cafe in Harajuku - Nohara by Mizuno wrap Wrap of the Day

    A hearty wrap sandwich filled with healthy ingredients such as chicken, 15 grains mixed rice, nourishing quinoa, etc. Great energy for the day! Served with soup, salad, and one side dish.
    Price: ¥1080 (weekdays ¥980)

    Bagel Sandwich of the Day

    Enjoy the excellent combination of chewy whole grain toasted bagels with delicious fillings designed by the staff! Served with soup, salad, and one side dish.
    Price: ¥1080 (weekdays ¥980)

    Natural Green Salad

    A crisp green salad great for the stomach and dieters, topped with a healthy flavorful dressing made from brown rice vinegar, malted salt, and agave nectar. Served with soup.
    Price: ¥1080 (weekdays ¥980)

    Nohara Super Salad Bowl

    Our super special salad is filled with super foods like Goji berries and kale, chicken, beans, barley, and fresh apple. There are 15 nutritious ingredients in one dish! Served with soup.
    Price: ¥1080 (weekdays ¥980)

    Deal of the Day (available weekdays only)

    Drink set: add ¥200
    Granola parfait set: add ¥250
    Drinks & parfait set: add ¥400


    Fitness Cafe in Harajuku - Nohara by Mizuno Acai bowl Acai Bowl

    An acai smoothie in a bowl topped with fresh fruit and granola. This nutritious dish is great for dietary effects, fatigue, and beautiful skin! Acai, a native palm plant from Brazil, is very high in age-reducing “polyphenols” and contains other high-quality amino acids, vitamins B1 and B2, calcium and iron.
    Price: ¥1380 (Regular) ¥780 (Half)

    Deal of the Day (available weekdays only)

    Drink set: add ¥200


    Fitness Cafe in Harajuku - Nohara by Mizuno waffles Nohara Supreme w/Vanilla Ice Cream

    Generously topped with four kinds of fresh fruit. This is our most popular waffle!
    Price: ¥2080 (Regular) ¥1880 (Half)

    Special Crunchy Honey Sugar Butter w/Vanilla Ice Cream

    You’ll love the crisp feeling of our coarsely kneaded dough and the simple taste of fragrant butter.
    Price: ¥1080 (Regular) ¥880 (Half)

    Special Sweet Pumpkin Cinnamon w/Vanilla Ice Cream

    Treat yourself to cinnamon scented goodness and smooth sweet pumpkin creamed topped with maple syrup!
    Price: ¥1080 (Regular) ¥880 (Half)

    Black Honey Kinako “Wa”ffle w/Macha Green Tea Ice Cream

    An exquisite harmony of fragrant kinako, red bean, and green tea ice cream drizzled with black honey.
    Price: ¥1080 (Regular) ¥880 (Half)

    Special Almond Chocolate Banana w/Vanilla Ice Cream

    Our waffle topped with fresh banana slices and crunchy almonds, topped with a rich chocolate sauce.
    Price: ¥1080 (Regular) ¥880 (Half)

    Special Very Berry w/Vanilla Ice Cream

    Enjoy the delicious mix of strawberry sweetness and blueberry tartness in one cute waffle!
    Price: ¥1080 (Regular) ¥880 (Half)


    Double Berry Chia Seed Parfait

    Price: ¥880

    Blueberry Chia Seed Parfait

    Price: ¥880

    Pumpkin Chia Seed Parfait

    Price: ¥880


    Double Berry Granola Parfait

    Price: ¥780

    Blueberry Granola Parfait

    Price: ¥780

    Pumpkin Granola Parfait

    Price: ¥780


Nohara by Mizuno


Mansion 31

6-31-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

150 - 0001

Nearest Stations

Harajuku Station via JR Yamanote Line (Omotesando Exit) Meijijingumae Station via Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Lines (Exit 6)

How to Get Here

A 3-minute walk south from JR Yamanote Line’s Harajuku Station (Omotesando Exit) A 1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Lines (Exit 6)

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Opening Hours


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    11:30a.m. - 09:00p.m.

  • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

    10:30a.m. - 08:00p.m.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    12:00p.m. - 09:00p.m.

  • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

    11:00a.m. - 08:00p.m.

Studio & Running Station (Reception open until 2 hours before closing time)

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    11:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.

  • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

    07:00a.m. - 08:00p.m.

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