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Private Mount Fuji Villa Since 2016 Wellness Union


It is not every day you get to stay in a Kominka (old Japanese folk house) over eighty years old, right in the middle of a forest reserve, on the western slopes of Mt. Fuji. But Dr. Yamamoto and his wife, Kiyomi, have made it possible with the private Mount Fuji Villa.

The stone path leading to the villa, set in a clearing, almost prepares you for what lies behind the wooden sliding doors. The quiet elegance of the traditional finishing of the interior is a window into days gone by. The discreet Shoji (sliding lattice screen doors of wood and translucent paper) framed by intricately carved Ranma (transom wood panels), meticulously restored to their original glory, seem to tell their own tale. The modern kitchen with a breakfast counter seems to invite conversation over a casual bite. The spacious living room with wooden floorboards, leads into an inviting tatami matted room where fluffy futons promise restful evenings. A writing desk peeking out from a room almost hidden from view, overlooks a forest grove – perhaps the perfect spot for contemplative writing. The pair of easy chairs in the sun room overlook the surrounding forest reserve that keeps the villa hidden from view.

It certainly took the Yamamotos a while to restore the Mount Fuji Villa to what it is today. The original house was owned by a relative of a long-standing resident of the village who with age had found it harder to care for this traditional architectural gem. The restoration took longer than planned as Dr. Yamamoto was insistent that only traditional materials could be used in restoring the Villa. Whilst preserving the authenticity of the Kominkan, The Yamamotos also made it a priority to incorporate modern amenities that make for a comfortable stay. The big couch in front of the television, air-conditioning and heating, as well as the modern bath, shower and toilet facilities are all deliberate installations in the Mt. Fuji Villa. The Yamamotos understand that whilst visitors may want the romance of staying in a Kominkan, many would appreciate the comforts of modern day living.

As there is no other residence within the grounds of the Mount Fuji Villa, your stay will be a truly private one. Enjoy the freedom of not needing to adhere to dining or sleeping schedules. With the fully equipped kitchen, you may prepare your own meals using local produce you can order from the hospitality team, before your arrival and throughout your stay. The team will be happy to help organize an outdoor barbecue during the warmer months.

Aside from the hospitality team, the recreation team at Luxury Cottage Camping Resort – Sun & Moon Club is also at your disposal. They can help book a massage or enroll you in a traditional blowgun dart workshop. They can also guide you in exploring the forest reserve around the Mt. Fuji Villa. A short walk away from the Villa is the Jimba Waterfall, popular with visitors and locals alike. Don't forget to bring your containers to collect the pure mountain water for drinking from the pipes installed on the right side as you enter this refreshing natural wonder.

At just under 40 square meters, the Mount Fuji Villa makes for a comfortable destination for a family of four, a group of close friends or a romantic hideaway for a couple. Click here to book this unique experience now.

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  • Cup of Customized Herbal Tea

    herbal tea at Private Mount Fuji Villa

    Dr. Yamamoto is an expert in herbal medicine, having studied with Andrew Weil and others around the world. Nearby Wellness Retreat Seiyoen has an on-site facility for the extraction of essential traditional herbs to create healing teas. Enjoy herbal tea brewed specially for you using Chinese and Japanese herbs that the wellness team selects, based on your health conditions. Upon arrival, you are invited to fill out a form to describe how well you sleep, your digestive system and even your mental well-being. With this information, the wellness team prepares an herbal tea brewed specifically to help your body reach equilibrium. This tea is served to you once a day through your stay.

    One free cup for each registered HealthyTokyo Member (Ordinary Price: ¥540 per cup)


Private Mount Fuji Villa


2453-2 Inokashira, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan

418 - 0108

Nearest Stations

10 minute walk from Inokashira Nokyo-mae bus stop.

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Because the directions are complicated, we will guide visitors coming by car from Asagiri Plateau Clinic.
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