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Organic Beauty Treatment, Facials, Massage, Aromatherapy


Location: 20-17 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150 – 0034

Nearest Stations: Daikanyama Station via Tokyu Toyoko (Central Exit)

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Main Phone: 03-3476-6668



Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
11:00a.m. – 09:00p.m.

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 10:00a.m. – 09:00p.m.

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Facility Highlights

As a healthy food trend, organic menus and food products have become well known in recent years. But did you know that organic living could go way beyond eating habits into other parts of your life? “Organic” is a lifestyle that Yukari Toufuku has not only chosen for herself, but also incorporated into her organic day spa in Tokyo, Terme Felice.

In her first initial years as a therapist, Yukari noticed a continuous cycle of problems with her customers’ skin. Right after her treatments, they looked great, with glowing, energized skin. But within a few weeks, they would return with the same problem skin. While searching through solutions, she discovered the benefits of organic treatments using personalized cosmetics. Since then, she has researched and experienced various types of organic products from all over the world, and now leads her team of spa therapists to bring the best organic cosmetics closer to you.

Terme Felice in Daikanyama offers organic facials and body treatments catered to your specific skin condition. Prior to treatment, the therapist needs to examine your skin and understand some lifestyle habits that are directly related to your skin condition. To allow time for this, you are recommended to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a questionnaire and relax over a cup of herbal tea. They will guide you to your room, where you can change into a gown for facials, or a robe for body treatments. Meanwhile, the therapist will select a series of organic cosmetics that are right for your skin. Unlike most spa salons, Terme Felice does not necessarily use one brand of cosmetics, but rather a professionally selected combination of different brands especially for you. With their wide range of organic products from over ten trusted brands, the best ingredients are selected for each step of your treatment. This service also extends past treatment, as the therapist gives you recommendations of organic products you can use at home too. Terme Felice’s dedication to personalized cosmetics helps to improve your skin over time, giving it exactly what it needs each time. Many have even said goodbye to their foundation, as a result.

Three different types of courses are available depending on what your goals are. The Relax courses aim to release stress from your skin and muscles, rejuvenating and nourishing your skin. The Detox courses help you eliminate toxins from your body through your sweat. The Lift Up courses let you focus on improving a certain part of your face or body and raises your contour lines. Although each course is designed for a different purpose, all are relaxing spa experiences that will leave you feeling great afterwards. Bridal and maternity courses are also available from qualified therapists to prepare you for your special day.

The organic day spa in Tokyo is your partner in organic living that can help you get noticeable improvements in both your skin and your body. Their order-made service can save you the time and money you would normally spend on searching for good cosmetics for your skin. Why go through the hassle if you can have your cosmetics handpicked by professionals? Only a one-minute walk from Daikayama station on the Toyoko Line, Terme Felice is easily accessible, even for regular weekly treatments.

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