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Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo detox kit

Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo Since 2014


Trueberry puts a unique twist on fresh juice, by serving some of the healthiest, all-natural, vegan juices in Tokyo. Its line of superfood smoothies and organic cold pressed juice will leave you feeling rejuvenated, reenergized, and revitalized. In a single cup of Trueberry high-quality juice, your body will be replenished with much needed vitamins and minerals and plentiful enzymes.

With Trueberry, you can enjoy a delicious, nutritious, health-conscious lifestyle; one with many positive benefits to your body and mind, including diet and detox effects, beautiful skin, vitality, and recovery from fatigue.

Trueberry has two locations, their main store in Hiroo and another in Nakameguro. At each you can order smoothies and juices, or try one of their several special drinks. They also offer a limited selection of vegan food and “raw sweets” – sweets that are made without flour, eggs, dairy products or white sugar. As a result of these gluten-free treats, you can eat without worrying about counting calories!

There are absolutely no additives or preservatives used in Trueberry products. Owner and operator, Naoko Nishimura, who is less than enamored by Japan’s increasing use of additives in raw products, stresses that in order to be healthy, first and foremost one must cherish two words: all natural. Her creations are all 100% vegan and contain no animal, dairy or white sugar.

Trueberry takes great pride and care to order vegetables only grown in pesticide-free, non-chemical fertilizer environments. Their fruits come from pesticide-free or reduced pesticide farms. Other materials used in the store include organic frozen berries, and BPA-free coconut milk. Sourcing out only high-quality ingredients means more work, but this is Trueberry’s concept and philosophy.

With superfood smoothie flavours like Berry Green and Strawberry Goji, as well as cold pressed juice names such as Blood Tonic, Jazzy Carrot, and Liver Cleanse to tempt you, why not take the first steps towards healthier living by discovering the perks of a Trueberry lifestyle!

About Us

Areas of Expertise

Organic, All-Natural, Vegan, Superfood, Gluten-Free

Languages Spoken

Japanese, English speaking staff is subject to availability





Special Offers

  • 5% discount at Trueberry

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo green detox bottle

    HealthyTokyo Membership cardholders can enjoy the healthy Trueberry menu including superfood smoothies, cold press juices, detox packages and raw sweets at a discount.

Products & Services

  • Superfood Smoothie

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo green drink

    Superfood smoothies are smoothie juices made from high-quality, organic, additive-free ingredients. They are made with nutrition in mind and contain vitamins and minerals that the body lacks and are packed with healthy enzymes. Trueberry serves over twenty different smoothies!

    Kale Green700

    kale, pineapple, banana, gojiberry

    Triple Green850

    kale, Japanese spinach, celery, apple, pineapple, coconutmilk

    Nuts Green900

    kale, apple, avocado, mango, raw almond, raw cashew

    Berry Berry Green900

    japanese spinach,acai,strawberry,blueberry,raspberry, gojiberry,coconut milk, prune

    True Acai berry850

    acai, banana, blueberry, dates

    Vanilla Lucuma Shake700

    lucuma powder, vanilla powder, coconut milk, oatmeal, raw cashew, banana

    Mango Coconuts700

    mango, coconutsmilk, raw cashew, flax seed

    Strawberry Goji720

    strawberry, coconut milk, banana, gojiberry

    Raw Cacao Avocado Shake770

    banana, coconut milk, avocado, raw cashew,raw cacao powder, dates

    Raw ChocoChip Mint800

    banana, coconut milk, avocado, raw cacao nibs, mint

    Detox Bitter Cacao980

    coconut milk, avocado, banana, raw almond, raw cacao powderi, raw cacao nibs, roasted brown rice powder, dates, flax seed

    Superfood Add-in

    Add your choice of superfood ingredients to create your own unique drink. For an additional fee, choose from chia seed, flaxseed, hemp seed, spirulina, maca, cacao nibs, gojiberry, maquiberry, camu, avocado, nuts, coconut milk.

  • Cold Pressed Juice

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo beats

    Trueberry’s detoxifying and dietetic cold pressed juices are slow-squeezed to retain the essential nutrients contained in the fruits and vegetables used. No additional water or moisture is added, allowing for a drink loaded with a healthy punch!

    300cc: ¥1,000
    500cc: ¥1,600

    The Green (vegetable95%)

    kale, cabbage,celery,seasonal vegetable, lemon, ginger

    Kale Detox (vegetable65%)

    kale, pine, celery, seasonal vegetable,lemon, ginger

    Blood Tonic (vegetable65%)

    japanese spinach,spinach,cabbage, pineapple, seasonal vegetable, lemon

    Jazzy Carrot (vegetable70%)

    carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

    Beet Purple (vegetable65%)

    beet, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

    Beet & Kale W Detox (vegetable65%)

    beet, kale, cabbage, seasonal vegetable, pineapple, lemon

    Organic Matcha Nut Milk

    raw almond, raw cashew, dates, organic matcha powder

    Raw Cacao Nut Milk

    raw almond, raw cashew, dates, raw cacao powder

    Nut Milk

    raw almond, raw cashew, dates

  • Special Drinks

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo coffee

    In addition to healthy smoothies and juices, Trueberry also offers three specialty drinks: a homemade raw “amazake” (sweet sake), either iced or hot; a special hot chocolate made from raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter, coconut sugar and BPA-free coconut milk; and a super detox coffee, served iced or hot.

    Homemade Raw Amazake (Ice or Hot)580 Special Hot Chocolate680

    raw cacao powder,raw cacao butter,coconut sugar,coconut milk

    *Only available during winter

    Super Detox Coffee (Ice or Hot)580
  • Vegan Food

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo breakfast

    These light and healthy meals go great with one of Trueberry’s drinks. Choose from an organic salad and fermented brown rice, a vegan nuts taco rice, or a vegetable norimaki (seaweed roll) and fermented brown rice.

    Organic Salad & Fermented Brown Rice1000 Vegan Nuts Taco Rice1200 Vegetable Norimaki & Fermented Brown Rice1200
  • Raw Sweets

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo vegan sweets

    These are delicious, gluten-free treats made without flour, eggs, dairy products or white sugar. Items on the menu include cakes, chocolates, and brownies and are mostly made from nuts, seeds, dried fruit, raw fruit and vegetables.

    Prices range from ¥200 and up.

  • Vegan Raw Birthday Cake

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo brithday cake

    Have a birthday coming up? Why not order one of our raw-food vegan birthday cakes? We have several flavors. Please order five days in advance in-store, by phone, email or if you are a Premium Member you can contact the HealthyTokyo Concierge.

  • Cleanse Plan

    Trueberry Organic Juice in Hiroo scattered juices Cleansing Detox Packages

    We have numerous organic juice cleansing-Detox packages. The types of juice offered may vary depending on the season. We recommend that you try the one day cleanse first and if comfortable then move on to a cleanse of three days or more.

    Mini cleanse ¥5,000 (5x300cc bottles)
    1 day cleanse set ¥8,000 (5x500cc bottles)
    2 day cleanse set ¥15,600 (10x500cc bottles)
    3 day cleanse set ¥23,200 (15x500cc bottles)
    We provide an additional discount for cleansing packages of four days or more.

    All juice will be provided in PET bottles. If you plan to be outdoors or in a warm environment for any length of time, we recommend using ice packs. We do offer these in our shops for 350 yen each.


Trueberry Hiroo


5 Chome-4-18 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo

150 - 0012

Nearest Stations

Hiroo Station via Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Exit No. 2)

How to Get Here

A 2-minute walk from Exit No. 2 of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line: Hiroo Station.

Find on Google Map

Opening Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    08:00a.m. - 07:30p.m.

    (Closed from 30 December to 3 January. Open from 4 January)


3 Chome-13-15 Kamimeguro

153 - 0051

Nearest Stations

Nakameguro station

How to Get Here

A three minute walk from Nakameguro stration. Walk past starbucks and take the first left. Trueberry will be down the street on the left side.

Find on Google Map

Opening Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    08:00a.m. - 06:00p.m.

    (Closed from 30 December to 3 January. Open from 8 a.m. on 4 January.)

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