Area of Expertise

Cold-Pressed Juice, Superfoods, Organic Food, Raw Sweets


Location: 3 Chome-10-25 Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0061

Nearest Stations: Omotesando Station via Chiyoda Line, Ginza Line and Hanzomon Line (Exit No. B2)

Contact Info

Main Phone:03-6427-7088


Opening Hours

All Week:
10:30a.m. – 06:00p.m.

Languages Spoken

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Restaurant Highlights

    If you are looking for a blended treat that looks good, tastes good and is truly good for you, then Trueberry is your heaven on earth. An unpretentious juice bar located just off the main shopping stretch, Trueberry is in good company amongst other healthful enterprises in Omotesando’s ‘lohas street’: a cluster of shops and food outlets dedicated to healthful living.

    Popular amongst the trendy set is the super food parfait – a creation of layer upon layer of blended goodness that tastes so good it is difficult to imagine how it can be good for the body. An easy choice is the Strawberry Smoothie Parfait that is a pink blended delight to the eyes – a fruit blend of strawberries, banana and coconut milk layered with homemade granola, sliced bananas and strawberries, chocolate sauce and topped with a delightful cashew whip and a generous sprinkling of cacao nibs. Another wonderful creation is the Spirulina Matcha Superfood parfait. Using organic spirulina and organic matcha powder, the blended smoothie is layered with chunks of organic banana, raw almonds, dates, raw cacao nibs and Trueberry’s very own non-dairy cashew whip, amongst other healthy ingredients.

    Less chunky and just as delicious are the whip smoothies; an ice blended delight of wholesome ingredients topped with non-dairy cashew whip.A favorite is the Marron whip smoothie that has the wonderful flavor of roasted chestnuts but in fact does not contain any chestnuts. Raw cashew and almonds, organic oats, organic psyllium husk, organic lucuma and dates are whipped into a luscious blend using organic coconut milk, raw cashew cream and homemade chocolate and caramel sauces.

    Then there are the Trueberry smoothies for those looking for wholesome goodness. An evergreen pleaser is the Kale green smoothie that has been on the menu since the opening of the first Trueberry juice bar 3 years ago. Containing kale, pineapple, banana and gojiberry, it sits easy on the palate with the perfect blend of sweet and tangy without the ‘green’ taste of kale which is less appealing to some. Also on the menu are Trueberry’s very own hot smoothies which eat like a meal, offering comfort in the colder months. We recommend trying one of the Kuzu smoothies for something unique to Japan and to Trueberry. Kuzu is a plant that was commonly used in the past for its detox and blood cleansing qualities. Trueberry combines the goodness of Kuzu with common ingredients in a range of hot smoothies. An example is the Apple Ginger Kuzu smoothie which uses apple, pineapple, coconut milk, cinnamon and ginger for a warming smoothie that helps to detox and cleanse your body.

    The Trueberry team has also considered days when you might desire a thick shake. You can be assured that the shakes on the Trueberry’s menu are made using organic ingredients as far as possible and made only when your order is taken. The range of shakes with Maca sounds like a dream come true. Native to Peru, Maca is a good boost for your energy levels and your immune system although relatively low in calories on its own. Trueberry’s Maca Raw Cacao shake uses Maca powder together with raw cashews, almonds, dates and raw cacao powder to give a high protein shake that is both thick and satisfying.

    If you happen to be there on a Saturday, we recommend you stay for lunch. For those in the know, the special Ayurveda curry platter at Trueberry Omotesando is simply not to be missed. Available only on Saturdays from 11.30am until it runs out, the platter is certainly an unexpected draw at a juice bar. A visual stunner, the curry platter offers a vegetable curry, a soup, chutney (a fruit or vegetable jam-like relish), achaar (Indian spiced pickled vegetable), seasonal vegetables grilled to perfection and a choice of basmati or Trueberry’s signature fermented brown rice. The fermented brown rice is a Trueberry treasure – an organic brown rice cooked in a pressure cooker for over 2 hours and fermented for a minimum of 3 days after. The result is chewy rice with a full nutty flavor, packed with probiotic goodness. For a simpler meal, you have the option of ordering just the vegetable curry with rice and a side salad. You will be pleased to know that the curry changes monthly and in Trueberry style, uses only the best vegetables available that season.

    You will find that Trueberry has a constant flow of regulars popping in and out who look like they are replenishing their home supply of juices with jars of jewel colored cold pressed juices from the chiller.Indeed this is exactly what founder, Naoko Nishimura had in mind when she started Trueberry 3 years ago.A mother of two, Naoko’s search for ‘all natural’ juices left her disappointed. She desired 100% freshly squeezed undiluted juice that was made from domestically grown produce free from pesticides. She realized that good quality juices were neither easily nor widely available. She refused to settle, and Naoko’s quest resulted in Trueberry. Three years on and Trueberry continues to use only domestically sourced organic fresh fruit and vegetables that is in season. Naoko chooses to cold press the juices to preserve the taste as well as the precious vitamins and minerals contained in the vegetables and fruit they use. It might not seem like a distant past, but the concept of cold pressed juices and clean eating was uncommon in Tokyo three years ago and it is still relatively foreign to the average Japanese.

    Trueberry at Omotesando is a 5-min walk from Omotesando station exit B2. Trueberry is also conveniently located in Hiro-o and the hip neighborhood of Naka Meguro. Trueberry is part of the Ain Soph group of vegan restaurants so do ask about the Ain Soph point card when you visit any of these outlets to enjoy members-only privileges.

    Trueberry Omotesando トゥルーベリー 表参道店
    3 Chome-10-25 Kitaaoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0061

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