About Sugarlady

Sugarlady is dedicated to providing Japan with healthy, natural products that are free of the 449 additives that are allowed in food that is produced in Japan. Now, through HealthyTokyo, Sugarlady continues to provide delicious food, natural health, beauty and household products to the English speaking community in Japan.

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JAS Certified Organic Produce

Sugarlady vegetables are naturally grown and many are certified organic by JAS. JAS stands for the Japan Agricultural Standards and they are the ruling body that provides organic accreditation.

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Sugarlady UNICEF fund

Sugarlady is socially responsible

Sugarlady contributed to a well drilling project in Sudan in 1986 through UNICEF. In 1991, it partnered with UNICEF to create the Sugarlady UNICEF Fund to help children around the world. Every year Sugarlady donates $100,000 on top of donations collected around Japan to UNICEF for this program.

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HealthyTokyo is your one-stop health shop

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