Amazake – The Japanese Eggnog with a plethora of health benefits

Celebrate the holidays in true Nippon-style with Japanese eggnog!

In the northern hemisphere, winter means Christmas, and no Christmas is complete without eggnog. There is no better way to warm up on those cold December nights than with a hot mug of sweet, velvety smooth eggnog. Or is there?

Every culture in the world has a special holiday beverage, from Glühwein in Germany, to hot apple cider in the UK and of course, Japan is no different. The importance of fermented foods and drinks on gut health has recently been at the forefront of the health scene, but Japan has been on the fermentation bandwagon since ancient times. Introducing Japanese eggnog, Amazake, which has long been held as Japan’s winter pick-me-up drink!

While in Japan, why not do as the Japanese do and sip on some Amazake? The Japanese eggnog is a naturally sweet, fermented rice drink – which given, doesn’t sound all too appetizing but keep in mind, “real” eggnog is literally, hot sugared milk with whipped egg yolks that has been spiked with rum.

Amazake is one of the lesser well-known fermented products, but with a plethora of health benefits, you can treat yourself without the guilt this holiday season as the Japanese eggnog provides you with prebiotics in the form of Oligosaccharides, the probiotic bacteria Aspergillus Oryzae and a vast, seemingly unending array of vitamins and minerals. Not to mention, Amazake is also vegan friendly and free from refined sugars.

Traditionally, the Japanese eggnog is made with white rice. Here at HealthyTOKYO we have even further upped the health quotient of Amazake by adding Genmai Ga Yume Mita (Dream of Brown Rice) to our ever-growing inventory of healthy products. Genmai Ga Yume Mita is an all-natural Japanese eggnog made from organically grown brown rice from Ishikawa prefecture. The brown rice also adds a healthy dose of dietary fiber to the already star-studded properties of Genmai Ga Yume Mita. The possibilities are endless, drink it hot, cold, on its own, use it as a natural sweetener, or even add it to puddings, smoothies and other recipes. Genmai Ga Yume Mita also makes the perfect gift for the health conscious people in your life that would appreciate an artisan product steeped in Japanese culture and history.

Amazake is Oshougatsu in a cup, so ring in 2017 in the traditional Japanese way by knocking back some Genmai Ga Yume Mita at the shrine this New Years Eve. Your tummy (and taste buds) will thank you for it!

Here at HealthyTOKYO we are dedicated to providing both foreigners and Japanese alike with the most up to date health and wellness news and information. We are committed to curating an all-star product line up that will help you on your journey to being the healthiest possible version of yourself. Want to know more about Amazake and Genmai Ga Yume Mita? Check out our video on HealthyTOKYO!

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