BROWN SUGAR 1ST. – Organic Coconut Oil in Tokyo

If you have been looking for organic coconut oil in Tokyo, you have most likely come across BROWN SUGAR 1ST.

The fashionable brand BROWN SUGAR 1ST. has its origins in humble beginnings. Midori-san began baking homemade goods to ensure that her children were indulging in healthy sweets made with only the best natural ingredients. One day, as she was looking for a substitute for a healthier substitute for butter that was also friendly to the lactose intolerant, she stumbled upon coconut oil. Her research led her to find that coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid with innumerable health benefits. She was sold.

But at the time, finding organic coconut oil in Japan was difficult. So Midori-san travelled across Southeast Asia, visiting local farmers in Thailand and the Philippines to source the best coconuts for her accessible, pioneering brand BROWN SUGAR 1ST. She has written three books since then about the wonders of coconut oil, and BROWN SUGAR 1ST. has continued to blossom. In addition to coconut oil, it has expanded to offer a host of high quality organic products, such as applesauce, agave syrup, coconut sugar, and more, at affordable prices compared to competitors.

The philosophy of BROWN SUGAR 1ST. is Tokyo x Junk x Organic. Until now, the label “organic” has been restricted to the domain of small, niche health food shops that only attract a very particular type of crowd. With its colorful products and fresh, innovative approach, BROWN SUGAR 1ST. strives to make organic products as easily accessible and fun as junk food, but actually good for your health!

After all, what would you want your children to eat? That is the question that Midori-san asks herself and knows that this is very important to all families. The consideration of these needs and desires is what makes BROWN SUGAR cherished among their customers. So let BROWN SUGAR 1ST. be your go-to brand for all things organic. With their vegan, soy free and organic products ranging from coconut oil to popcorn to ice cream, you will surely be able to find a treat that delights you and your family without hurting your health or your pocket.