Where To Buy Healthy Meat in Japan

The grocery store can be a daunting place, and where to buy healthy meat in Japan can be the last thing on your mind after you’ve gone through the aisles full of wonderfully weird products, odd looking produce and colorful candy. If you saw HealthyTOKYO’s previous article about nitrate free meat in Japan then you’re aware of the artificial substances contained in meat, from sterilizing chemicals, preservatives, therapeutic hormones, antibiotics and a whole host of other unnatural additives. Compared to other countries like the US, Japan isn’t as heavy handed on their meat additives, but generally, what you find at the supermarket isn’t as natural as you might think.

Another issue that arises when considering where to buy healthy meat in Japan is convenience. If you’re a regular meat eater, multiple trips to the supermarket can get old fast. Food delivery services are all the rage now and it extends far beyond unhealthy fast food with meal subscriptions and supermarket delivery options.

Since their inception in 1970, Sugarlady has been a big name in the natural food business in Japan.

The products available are the highest quality beef, chicken and pork sourced both domestically and internationally. All meat in the healthy meat subscription is free from additives, this means all products are:

  • Non-GMO
  • No therapeutic hormones
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
About the Sugar Beef Subscription

Sugar beef is raised on ranches in Australia and New Zealand from Black Angus cattle. The meat is matured for 240 days, which is far longer than conventionally farmed beef. This results in more delicious beef that does not contain antibiotics, hormones or other therapeutic chemicals.

About the Sugar Pork Subscription

Succulent and juicy, the Sugar Pork is sourced from Ehime prefecture in Japan. The SPF Pork is guaranteed to be the safest pork available without containing therapeutic chemicals or antibiotics. This is because it is raised in a low stress environment with pristine conditions.

About the Sugar Chicken Subscription

All the chicken in the Sugar Chicken subscription are famed ‘Akadori’ raised in the mountains of Tokushima and Kagawa prefectures. Sugar chicken does not contain any hormones or therapeutic chemicals. The chicken is also matured longer resulting in specially aged chicken with maximum flavor.

Get free shipping on all the meat subscriptions! Click here to see more information or to order in English. All orders must be made before July 21, 2017. With barbecue season coming up, there are also one time trial sets available so you can have a taste of the delicious meat on offer. Have peace of mind and never wonder where to buy healthy meat in Japan again, because HealthyTOKYO will ‘meat’ you at the door with convenient and delicious deliveries!

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