Essential Oils – Fragrance Away Your Teen’s Moods

Do you find yourself reminiscing about the ‘good old days’? When you were a nervous, new parent? And wondered how YOU were going to be able to look after your little “bundle of joy”? Before you even realised it, a retinue of self-appointed advisors showed up. Friends, relatives, neighbours, and the occasional strangers – knew exactly what YOU should and should NOT do!

There was no dirth of advice, opinions or suggestions, for all your fears, reservations and doubts. Be it teething problems, solid foods, nighttime wakings, toilet training or terrible twos – the list went on. After all, YOU were the new mother, and these “advisors” were the ones with the ”Been There, Done That, Got The KIDS To Prove It” T- Shirts!

Now that you think about it, not one of them, even remotely touched upon the do’s and dont’s and the ABSOLUTE dont’s, for when your little bundle of joy would be not so little and less of a joy, but more of a TEENAGER!! Perhaps they believed in the old adage involving a fish, a man and teaching how to fish. Or perhaps, they just wanted you to learn along the way?

Either way, time just whizzed by, and here you are. At a loss. Many a doubt and nary an advisor! All you want is for your not so little bundle of joy to be a joy again. All you want is to feel connected to your teen. Self-help books, Parents’ Workshops, chats with parents of teenagers – haven’t made a dent.

In your teen’s defense, he or she is on the precipice of adulthood and going through physical and physiological changes. Teens are also under stress. Emotional, Social and not to mention, Academic stress. It can be quite difficult to handle without having nagging, intruding and demanding parents adding to it.

So, let’s try a largely ignored “open secret”, staring us in the face. You walk into a Spa, and take a deep breath of lavender, rose or whatever heavenly fragrant “essential oil of the day” is, and immediately you smile and start relaxing. Well? Have you thought of using these very oils that relax, calm and make YOU smile, on your teens? There are essential oils that calm and relax a stressed mind and body, and then there are those that help deal with hormonal changes and imbalance, that may help your moody, grumpy teen. Essential Oils like Bergamot, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium and of course the most popular and versatile of all – Lavender, are all known for their calming, relaxing, mood lifting, stress relieving, hormone balancing, and uplifting properties.

Essential oils have strong, fragrant influences. However, when these heavenly Mother Nature’s oily gifts are massaged into your palms or soles of your feet, they have an EVEN stronger influence. So. Now you need a plan.

Fragrance your home with one or more of these essential oils to raise your teen’s curiosity, elicit a question, or perhaps , if you are lucky, even a smile. With your home now as fragrant as a Spa, offer a free hand or foot massage to your wannabe sybarite teen. Chances are, you may get a “whatever” and or a shrug. Take that as a “yes” and proceed with the rest of your plan! Blend a few drops of, say Bergamot, and a couple of drops of virgin coconut or olive oil, and gently massage it on the soles of your teen’s feet. NO ONE will judge you if you prefer palms to TEEN FEET!!

Now that your plan is in motion, just sit back, massage and let the oils work it’s wonders. Your teen is relaxed and perhaps less grumpy. You know it has helped, when you get a smile and a thank you. You really know it has helped, when your teen asks for more! Believe it or not, you have now made the connection you want.

Regular use of your ‘“Fragrant Plan” with the absolutely essential ‘oils’, will make a much bigger dent than all those Self-help books, Workshops, or chats could ever make. Fragrancing your home and all the free massages will be worth it, when you see your teenager come through the front door, with a smile and a hug for you! Essential Oils – Mother Nature’s Gift For Mothers.

by Kay Adam