Healthy New Year!

In what seems like a blink of the eye 2017 is behind us and we’re hurtling into 2018, ready or not.  A new year usually has most thinking about change and fresh starts.

Healthy Tokyo brings a wish of health and happiness for you.   We want you to be the best possible version of yourself and help you reach whatever goals are on your list.

We get one body in this life and it is our job to feed and maintain it properly for a long and healthy life.  It’s no secret that healthy eating and exercise are two of the most effective ways to influence good health so why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?

Avoiding foods with harmful chemicals and additives is a really good place to start if you want to maximize your efforts.  We’re proud to offer an entire line of food, from Sugarlady, that is completely free of artificial additives and harmful synthetics, all prepared right here in Japan.

If you’ve never given much thought to the additives that may be in the food in your refrigerator or pantry, read this article on the number of allowable additives current in Japan.

Peruse the shop and you’ll no doubt find products that suit your taste, dietary needs, preferences and lifestyle.

One of my daily dietary routines is consuming organic matcha for the incredible nutritional value the magical green powder holds.  Pure organic matcha possesses an absolute powerhouse of nutrition that tops the charts of superfoods.

Started a new fitness routine and looking for supplements and protein to aid your efforts?  You’ll find the right product to help you run that race, climb that mountain or whatever your next fitness goal is.

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