HealthyTOKYO online health and wellness shop launched!

Welcome to HealthyTOKYO’s new online store! Shop in English for high quality health and wellness products at the best prices, delivered to your door.

HealthyTOKYO has always been dedicated to providing easy access to great doctors, dentists, places to exercise, relax and eat healthy. Over the years we have helped many locate hard to find healthcare products and services in Japan.

A while back our team came together to figure out how to make it even easier for the community to get what they’re looking for. How can we make it easy to order online in English? How can we avoid long shipping times and import duties from overseas? How can we get some of the great products that only Japanese know about into the hands of the English-speaking community – without jacking up the prices?

We have close relationships with the medical and wellness community and a track record for connecting people looking for health and wellness to quality service providers. With this amazing network accessible, we embarked on the journey to create the HealthyTOKYO shop.

So what do we have in store for you? With the support of our trusted partners we are rolling out an array of healthy foods, organic wine and drinks, safe hygiene products, exercise goods, natural clothing, protein, supplements and more.

At launch we have collaborated with the acclaimed BodyPlus Group to offer, for the first time in English, over one hundred high quality protein and supplements manufactured under the HALEO and BulkSports brands. BodyPlus products are widely popular with both Japanese amateur and professional athletes for their high quality and great value.

The products are manufactured in Japan according to strict standards and include classics such as BulkSports Big Whey protein powder, as well as premium formulations like HALEO IsoCore Black Ops whey protein isolate and CreaVol creatine. Other essential supplements include BiOmega3 Fish Oil and Liquid CoQ10, as well as multivitamin and mineral blends to promote cardiovascular health and cognitive function.

We are excited about being the only shop in Japan to feature BodyPlus Group’s wide product line-up in English. We are also happy that we have managed to keep our prices at the same level as ordering in Japanese directly from the manufacturer. Moreover, shipping is within Japan and free on all orders over 10,000 yen! No long waits or import duties!

Head over to the HealthyTOKYO shop to see what we have in store for you now and come back often to see the expanding array of great health and wellness products.

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