CBD Oils

Meticulously formulated, our Broad-spectrum and Isolate CBD oils, available in both High and Medium concentrations, are your gateway to a world of enhanced well-being. With CBD concentrations spanning from 3.9% to 18.2%, we assure you'll find the superior CBD oil that caters specifically to your needs. Embrace the holistic health revolution today with our premium range of CBD oils.

CBD Gummies

Perfect for on-the-go, tasty, and a straightforward way to enjoy your CBD — HealthyTOKYO offers gummies crafted specifically for your morning, day, and evening use. Enriched with differing levels of CBD, our gummies also boast beneficial vitamins and active ingredients for an added wellness boost. Savor the flavorful journey to better health with our CBD-infused gummies.

CBD Edibles

Savor the delightful fusion of CBD in our drinks and sweets - the tastiest form of CBD edibles that doubles as your daily wellness treat. Our HealthyTOKYO CBD Cafe Collection caters to every flavor preference. Relish in our handcrafted vegan sweets, thoughtfully infused with the optimal dose of CBD. Enjoy your daily dose of CBD in the most indulgent way possible.

CBD Bodycare

Unleash the potential of CBD in your skincare and bodycare routine. Our CBD cosmetics and bodycare products are engineered to accentuate your inner glow and outer charm. Based on international studies, CBD, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, has become an integral part of our deluxe beauty and bodycare assortment. Revel in the harmonious blend of well-being and beauty with our exquisite range of CBD-enriched cosmetics and bodycare products.

CBD Vape

Experience the unique blend of CBD in our specially formulated vape liquids. Crafted with existing smokers in mind or those looking to cut down on their tobacco intake. Our CBD vape liquid is also a favorite amongst individuals seeking faster absorption of CBD. Load up your preferred vape device with our premium CBD vape liquid for an enhanced vaping experience.

CBD for Pets

Embrace the wellness revolution for your pets with our CBD products, now trending in Japan. Our cherished pets, much like us, grapple with discomfort, pain, and anxiety. However, their unique physiological needs demand specially crafted formulations and ingredients that enhance their health and happiness. Explore our selection of CBD oils, CBD-infused dog treats, and other supplementary products for dogs and cats. Each item is meticulously formulated to cater specifically to the needs of your dogs and cats, ensuring they live their best lives.

Vegan desserts & Snacks

Indulge in vegan gourmet perfection, encompassing both CBD-infused and non-CBD-infused delights. Every treat, meticulously crafted by our culinary virtuosos, encapsulates sublime quality and provides an epicurean adventure that pays homage to all sentient beings. Savor the essence of compassionate cuisine with our exquisite range of vegan desserts and snacks.

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