Area of Expertise

Kyoukushin Karate, Aqualab, Gym, Shiatsu Treatment


Daikanyama Kinoshita Building 4F, 3-7 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0033

Nearest Stations:
Daikanyama Station via Tokyu Toyoko Shibuya Station (Shin-Minami Exit)

Contact Info

Main Phone: 03-3780-5553


Opening Hours

Weekdays: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Weekends: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Languages Spoken

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Gym Highlights

    Within the world of martial arts, Kyokushin Karate is definitely one of the most famous styles representing Japanese culture. Its full-contact style body and mind training attributes have attracted many non-Japanese practitioners worldwide. The new Kyokushin Daikayama Dojo presents a great opportunity for you to practice karate in Tokyo and experience this traditional Japanese martial art.

    “Keep your head low, eyes high, mouth shut; base yourself on filial piety and benefit others.” Founded by Oyama Masutatsu, Kyokushin Karate blends physical movement and Japanese cultural philosophies of modesty, ambition, and serenity. Kyokushin Daikayama Dojo follows this same spirit under the leadership of Kyokushin karate master, Shokei Matsui.

    Kyoukushin Karate is much more than building physical strength; it builds character. While practicing the martial art, students are taught manners and discipline, such as, how to be considerate of others, self-control, and persistence. Classes are split between different levels, from beginner to advanced, both for kids and adults throughout the week. The parent and child classes on Saturdays are very popular for spending some quality family time. You can practice Karate in Tokyo and bond with your child through overcoming challenges together, all the way towards receiving your black belt. For new expats especially, this is an excellent way to discover and experience Japanese culture with your family. Language is not a problem as English-speaking instructors are available.

    As part of the state-of-the-art training facility of FLUX Conditionings, membership can be chosen for karate-only, or together with other services. For just an extra ¥5,400 per month, those over the age of 16 can also have access to the gym and swimming facility by joining as a FLUX Conditionings member. Unlike most gyms, FLUX Conditionings focuses on physical improvement rather than building muscles. Therefore, you will find more strength and endurance training equipment than weights. When you join FLUX Conditionings, a mandatory SOAP test must be taken to analyze your body condition and find areas of improvement. From the results, you are given suggested training plans designed for your particular body. Headed by retired Olympic gold-medalist, Kousuke Kitajima, the Aqualab is a world-class swim training facility that runs on an hourly reservation basis. Only one party is accepted per hour, letting you train in the comfort of your own privacy. The Aqualab is equipped with a wave-generating swimming machine and the latest analysis system to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

    After your karate practice or workout, the Shiatsu Treatment Center is your haven of relaxation. Treatments are designed and performed by the same professionals responsible for treating top Olympic athletes. If your body is in the mood for some replenishment instead, you can visit FLUX Cafe, located on the first floor. Thoughtfully created by a traditional Japanese “Kappo” cuisine specialist, the menu offers healthy gourmet selections that can fit various diet plans.

    Free trial lessons can be booked by telephone. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, the staff will first give you a tour of the building and then guide you throughout the entire lesson. Practice Karate in Tokyo at Kyokushin Daikanyama Dojo and take advantage of the comprehensive facilities of FLUX Conditionings for a complete mind and body training solution.

    Daikanyama Karate School
    3 Chome-4-7 Jingūmae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001