About Us

HealthyTOKYO is a pioneer in the health and wellness market in Japan.

We started the company in 2011 working on the things we believe in – A focus on providing stress-free access to healthcare, foods, products and accurate information to keep your body and mind healthy in Tokyo and beyond. We have grown to be a leader in CBD oil, vegan offerings and health and wellness in Japan.

Our roots are in our digital platforms. Customers can shop from the vast array of CBD oil products, our HealthyTOKYO brand products and select vegan imports. They can also find accurate and unbiased information about health and wellness in Japan. We started as an English language site and with a calling from Japanese consumers now offer a multilingual platform.

From the early days, we laid down the groundwork, looking for the best health and wellness providers in Japan and creating content about them on our websites. We also listened to the health issues and questions of our customers and created an extensive blog to make it easier to stay up to date and draw upon the experience of other residents in Japan.

In early 2016 we produced our first HealthyTOKYO branded products – a lineup of the highest grade organic matcha available that has been recognized by many including NHK who featured, it along with our CEO, on their “Asaichi” morning program. Our HealthyTOKYO line of high quality made-in-Japan vegan products has grown over the years with nut butters, matcha latte mixes and other delicacies.

In the latter half of 2016, together with our partners, we pioneered the introduction of legal CBD oil to the Japanese market. Thanks to our early entry, hard work of our team and more than anything, the acceptance of our customers, HealthyTOKYO is now a highly knowledgeable leader in the CBD market in Japan. We provide CBD oil in a responsible and informative manner as we truly believe in this nutritional supplement.

In 2017, we began to import and sell our first overseas vegan products to the Japanese market.

In 2018, we launched the HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop. Our first brick and mortar business. This is the first and only 100% vegan cafe in any Japanese airport. The first and only cafe to offer CBD oil in a Japanese airport and the first to serve a wide array of CBD infused coffee, matcha, cocktails and sweets. Just seven months after our opening, and to our pleasant surprise, we were awarded the prestigious “Airport Food & Beverage Award for Best Health-Centered or Vegan Offer of the Year, Regional Winner Asia Pacific and also highly commended.

Our team is passionate and works relentlessly to serve the community with accurate information and great products. The thing that motivates us the most is delighting our customers through continuous improvement and innovation. We are growing rapidly and are always looking for new team members. Click here if you think you have what it takes to work with us.

Our Locations


Our Team is a dedicated and talented group of people with multilingual, multicultural backgrounds and extensive experience in health & wellness, digital marketing, restaurant management, product development, vegan cuisine and import and export.

We are passionate about finding and offering great products and services and making it easy for all to access them online or through our Cafe and Shop in Haneda Airport. We live in Japan and love all that it has to offer.

We believe:

Everyone deserves easy access to high quality trustworthy products and services that contribute to a healthier and happier life.

Our customers and partners should always be met with honesty, integrity, efficiency and passion

Our employees should always be empowered to make the world a better place.

Michael Bobrove
Founder and CEO

Michael was born and raised in the USA and has been a resident of Japan for more than 30 years. He as worked in health and wellness since the early days of his career. He started as a counselor in a Japanese hospital. He later went on to receive his MBA in International Management and Marketing with a minor in Japanese and worked as an executive in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries for more than twenty years. In 2011, he founded HealthyTOKYO when he realized that Japan has world-class healthcare and fantastic products that are unknown or difficult to access. He is a Japan-expert and a passionate, energetic challenger. He is fluent in Japanese and English.

David Israelsson
Head of Operations

David was born and raised in Sweden. After graduating from high school he joined the Swedish Army signal regiment as a tank navigator and gunner for the military communications and electronic warfare unit. He did his university studies in both Korea and Japan with a focus on business and Japanese communications. He joined HealthyTOKYO in 2014 and heads the digital assets as well as day to day operations and management. David is a digital marketing expert, relentless project executor and an energetic, caring and meticulous manager. He is fluent in Swedish, Korean, Japanese and English.

takeru sugaya

Takeru Sugaya
Food & Beverage Operations Manager

Takeru was born and raised in Tokyo. He graduated with a degree in English from a Japanese University with the aspiration to teach. With a focus on utilizing his English he set out on a journey to study organic and natural farming. This lead him to join a NGO through which he lived and worked in the Philippines and Indonesia teaching agriculture to indigenous people in those countries. It was during this time that he found an appreciation for the protection of the environment and fair trade. Upon returning to Japan he worked on a Japanese farm and then in a fair trade & organic cafe. His passion for organic coffee and the cafe world was born. He became a Barista and Mixologist and managed a very popular 3rd wave coffee cafe. He joined HealthyTOKYO in 2019 as the manager of our food & beverage operations. He is fluent in Japanese and English.