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Register for the HealthyTOKYO points Membership Program and get member benefits! Unlock higher levels with more purchases.

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Unlock extra points with each membership tier.

As you earn points your membership status increase for more benefits.


Earn points by completing purchases and activities at our online store. The accumulated HealthyTOKYO points can be used as a discount on your next purchase, with 1 HealthyTOKYO point = 1 yen .

Wholesale purchases are not eligible for points.

Users of this service are deemed to have agreed to HealthyTOKYO site terms of use and privacy policy . If you do not agree, please contact customer support as you will need to delete your HealthyTOKYO online store account .

When you register for an account on the HealthyTOKYO online store, you will be automatically registered in the HealthyTOKYO points membership program.
Wholesale purchases are not eligible for points.

Membership status is a free service for those who have an account on the HealthyTOKYO online store. Membership status include “Gold Member,” “Silver Member,” and “Bronze Member,” and membership status is determined according to the number of points earned in the past 12 months. The benefits provided will vary depending on your membership rank, and you can check the details on the “Membership status” section above.

You can earn HealthyTOKYO points through a variety of activities such as reviewing products and purchasing products from the official online store. For information on how to earn HealthyTOKYO points, please check the “Earn HealthyTOKYO points” section above.

Your points balance will be displayed on your screen after logging into your customer account and navigating to the “My Points” section at the HealthyTOKYO online store.

After logging in to HealthyTOKYO’s online store and proceeding with your purchase as usual, you will be able to select as many points as you wish to use on the checkout page of your cart.

If you delete points applied at checkout, the deleted points will be returned to your account in approximately 1 hour.

There is no upper limit to the number of points you can accumulate, so you can accumulate as many points as you like! Validity is 12 months from the last purchase history.

There are usually 2 reasons.
1) Your points are valid for 12 months from your last purchase history. Your points balance will decrease if your last order falls outside that 12 month time span.
2) If you cancel your order, the applicable points will be canceled and deleted from your account.

Please note that it may take some time for points to be credited to your account after your activity is reviewed and approved. If the issue persists, please contact customer support:

At HealthyTOKYO’s online store, you can use your points to spend as much as you like at checkout.

At checkout: You can use your points to make purchases as much as you like. It cannot be exchanged for cash.

Please contact customer support: