Everything you need to know about CBD Oil in Japan


We have prepared an overview of everything you would like to know about CBD in Japan. Learn more about what CBD is, how it is made, history, legality, uses, and types of CBD products available in Japan.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 100 compounds (cannabinoids) found in the hemp plant. It is one of the major cannabinoids. Current research in Japan and overseas indicates that it may have significant health benefits. CBD Oil in Japan does not create a “high” and is legal as long as it is derived from the stalk of the plant and does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound found in marijuana that produces a feeling of euphoria.

There are generally three types of CBD oil produced:

  1. Full spectrum CBD Oil: Contains many of the compounds found in the original hemp plant, including CBD and THC. CBD Oil in Japan containing THC is illegal.
  2. Broad spectrum CBD Oil: Contains many of the compounds found in the original hemp plant (i.e., CBD, CBN, and CBG) with the exception of THC. CBD connoisseurs in Japan and abroad prefer broad-spectrum CBD as it is said that the combination of cannabinoids can be beneficial. The HealthyTOKYO collection of products is made using broad-spectrum CBD.
  3. CBD isolate: Contains only CBD with a purity of about 99%. This a crystal extraction which comes in the form of a white or yellow powder. Professional athletes prefer CBD isolate as it is officially allowed by WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) and JADA (Japan Anti-Doping Association) while other cannabinoids are not. All our products besides the HealthyTOKYO collection are produced using CBD isolate.

Many countries around the world are recognizing the health and medical benefits of hemp and legalizing CBD and marijuana for therapeutic and/or recreational use.

The Japanese government has been taking steps that will strengthen the growing CBD industry. In addition, there are recommendations from government working groups that will potentially allow for the future use of THC and other compounds found in hemp for the production of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of pain, sleep issues, and other ailments.


Potential Benefits of CBD

CBD Oil in Japan is classified as a food product or cosmetic ingredient. As such, companies are prohibited from making claims as to their benefits or effects.

There are many potential uses for CBD and mounting clinical evidence from overseas and some in Japan for its use for people experiencing anxiety, sleep issues, some types of pain, certain types of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, cancer, Type 1 diabetes, and others.

A survey of a wide sample of Americans conducted in 2020 revealed that 33% have used CBD products. They reported that the main reasons for using CBD were pain relief, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, arthritis depression, migraines, and headaches.

HealthyTOKYO has prepared many CBD blog articles about actual recent research and potential benefits for your information.


History of CBD Oil in Japan

CBD Oil in Japan was only recently introduced to the country around 2016 at the time that HealthyTOKYO pioneered its market development. However, hemp has a long history in Japan for its use in clothing, ceremonial objects (like the ropes we see in Shinto Shrines), and in traditional medicines. It was used frequently for all of these purposes and was a major industry until in 1948 the American occupation led by General MacArthur, generally outlawed hemp as a medicine and severely limited the number of farms that could grow the plant. Current laws only allow CBD Oil in Japan and other hemp products that are derived from the stalk or seed of the plant. Japanese law also prohibits THC (the compound that creates euphoria or “high”).


How is CBD Oil in Japan Produced?

CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant using several methods. Many companies use toxic solvents to extract CBD. HealthyTOKYO uses CBD that has been safely extracted using CO2 without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Currently, all CBD raw materials are imported to Japan as the limited production of hemp in this country does not make it viable to extract CBD. Most of the CBD products sold in Japan are formulated and produced overseas and then imported to Japan.

However, all HealthyTOKYO products are formulated and produced in Japan. We use CBD extracted from hemp organically grown in the USA along with other Japan-derived ingredients for the crafting of our premium CBD collections.

For Japan, we must make sure that there is no detectable THC in the CBD oil, so a further remediation process is used to remove any traces of THC that may have existed in the initial extraction.

HealthyTOKYO’s CBD oil in Japan is always tested twice by authorized third-party testing agencies to assure compliance with Japanese laws and company regulations. Testing occurs once before the CBD is imported and then again after each batch is produced.

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CBD Oil Products in Japan and How to Use Them


1. CBD Oils

CBD oil in Japan contains either broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Products come in various concentrations (percentages) and flavors. HealthyTOKYO uses CBD derived from hemp that has been organically farmed and all production and formulation happens here in Japan.

The best way to take CBD oil is to place a few drops under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and then swallow. You can also place CBD oil drops in your daily drinks, such as coffee or tea. We recommend starting with 15 mg of CBD and adjusting up or down while considering how you feel and what you are aiming to achieve with your CBD. 

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HealthyTOKYO CBD oil 1200 bottles

The Flagship Japanese CBD Oil
HealthyTOKYO 6% CBD Oil
Yuzu & Hakka Mint

Premium Broad Spectrum CBD with MCT & pure Japanese essential oils. 6% Concentration, 1200mg per bottle, Broad Spectrum, 20ml bottle with dropper.

Our flagship CBD oil. HealthyTOKYO, a pioneer in the Japanese CBD market since 2016, is honored to introduce to the worldwide market this exclusive made-in-Japan Yuzu CBD oil. We thoughtfully developed a natural Yuzu formulation as this Japanese citrus is legendary for its anti-inflammatory and uplifting qualities.
It is pure and vegan. It is natural. It contains the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD oil. It is beautifully designed and created in Japan. (also available in natural Hakka Mint flavor)

– Each bottle contains 1200 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil in addition to organic MCT oil and essential oils
– One drop = 3 mg of CBD
– For day or night use
– 20mg/day = This bottle will last about 2 months

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6% CBD Oil Yuzu Now
HealthyTOKYO CBD in Japan 2400 premium broad spectrum

The Highest Concentration
HealthyTOKYO 12% CBD Oil
Yuzu & Hakka Mint

Premium Broad Spectrum CBD with MCT & pure Japanese essential oils. 12% Concentration, 2400 mg, Broad Spectrum, 20 ml bottle with dropper.

Meet our premium 12% high-concentration CBD oil. Available in naturally flavored Yuzu or Hakka mint. with 2400 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in every 20ml bottle. Popular among customers seeking a high concentration of CBD oil before bedtime. Made in Japan with the finest ingredients.

– Each bottle contains 2400 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil in addition to organic MCT oil and essential oils
– One drop = 6 mg of CBD
– For day or night use
– 20mg/day = This bottle will last about 4 months

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12% CBD Oil Yuzu Now
CBDTokyo 10.4 CBD Oil

High Concentration CBD Oil
CBDTokyo 10.4 Isolate
Hemp Flavor

10.4% Concentration for 1040mg of CBD isolate in a 10 ml bottle with dropper.
This a no-nonsense CBD oil made with CBD isolate, organic MCT, and organic hemp seed oils. It contains a 10.4% high CBD concentration with a slightly nutty taste imparted from the seed oil. While great for daily, use 10.4 is also favored by professional and amateur athletes in line with the guidelines from WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and JADA (Japan Anti-Doping Agency). Vegan and made in Japan.

Also available in 3.9% and  18.2% formulations  for those seeking a lower or higher concentration formulation.

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2. CBD Gummies

Portable, flavorful, and an easy way to consume your CBD. HealthyTOKYO has gummies designed for morning, day, and night use. These CBD gummies are infused with various amounts of CBD along with other beneficial vitamins and active ingredients.

The best way to take gummies is to chew thoroughly to allow for absorption under the tongue.

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The Bedtime CBD Gummies
CBDTokyo 26.1 Night Gummy
Blueberry Cubes

CBD gummies formulated specifically for bedtime. Contains a hefty 26.1 mg of pure CBD isolate, Kwansou (a.k.a. sleeping grass) a flower traditionally use for generations in Okinawa to promote sleep, GABA and vitamin D. A health supplement for a restful night. Delicious blueberry flavor. Made in Japan.

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CBDTokyo 15.4 morning CBD Gummy

Energy CBD Gummies
CBDTokyo 15.4 Morning Gummies
Orange Drop

CBD gummies that are crafted for a boost of energy and concentration. Contains 15.4 mg of pure CBD isolate, caffeine, guarana, vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. Made in Japan. Perfect CBD gummy for mornings, exercise, study, or gaming. Made in Japan.

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3. CBD Cosmetics

Incorporate CBD into your beauty. CBD cosmetics are designed to provide you with inner and outer beauty. According to overseas research, CBD is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient which makes it a perfect component for premium cosmetics.

Apply CBD cosmetics according to package directions.

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Premium CBD Hair Serum
Nutrition for your hair and scalp
Malka Bijoux CBD Hair Serum

Premium Japanese CBD hair serum, formulated for safe everyday use. The smooth, non-greasy texture keeps your hair shiny. Recommended for all hair types. A fresh peony scent that drifts slightly every time you move Each bottle contains 100 mg of CBD in addition to the argan, jojoba, and camellia seed oils. Treat your hair and scalp to the Japan CBD beauty of Malka Bijoux. Vegan and made in Japan.

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HealthyTOKYO CBD Facial mask thematic

CBD Facial Mask – Pamper your skin
HealthyTOKYO CBD Facial Mask
Relax & Refresh

A beauty mask specially formulated with 30 mg of CBD and an array of botanicals including yuzu, licorice, tea leaf, rosemary, Centella, chamomile, skullcap, and Japanese knotweed. Apply, sit back, and relax as this CBD facial mask formulated for your skin’s nourishment does its work. Made in Japan.

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4. CBD Creams & CBD Topicals

CBD creams and other CBD topicals are often used by people seeking anti-inflammatory products for skin moisturizing, sore muscles, or joint pain. Spread CBD creams or apply CBD topical to targeted areas as directed.

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HealthyTOKYO CBD Hand cream

CBD Cream – For your hands, lips and body
HealthyTOKYO CBD Hand Cream

Yuzu Moisturizing

An all-natural formulation of botanicals and an array of beauty oils including 150 mg of broad spectrum CBD, yuzu essential oil, carrot seed oil (a natural sunscreen), and hemp seed oil. Just a small drop spreads evenly and absorbs for smooth, vibrant, and moisturized skin. Made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients so feel free to apply to hands, lips, or anywhere that your body needs relief.

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CBDTokyo CBD patch 86

A CBD patch for your sore muscles
CBDTokyo CBD Menthol Sheet
Muscle and Relax

Formulated with 30 mg of pure CBD isolate in every patch along with natural menthol, this product uses all-natural ingredients and is vegan. Apply before or after exercise to areas with muscle aches, stiff shoulders, or neck pain. Preservative-free, paraben-free, skin-friendly formulation. Perfect for sports or application before relaxing in the evening.

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5. CBD Drinks and CBD Sweets

CBD drinks and CBD sweets (also known as CBD edibles) are a delicious way to enjoy a treat and get your daily fill of CBD. The HealthyTOKYO CBD Cafe Collection has all your tastebuds desire. Handmade vegan sweets infused with just the right amount of CBD.

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HealthyTOKYO CBD Cafe Collection hero

An Amazing Vegan CBD Brownie
HealthyTOKYO CBD Cafe Collection
CBD Brownie Super 100

Hand-crafted in our Edogawa CBD factory. This is our Super brownie containing 100 mg of pure CBD isolate in a gluten-free, vegan brownie made with organic cocoa, avocado, dates, and other scrumptious ingredients.

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HealthyTOKYO Peanut Butter CBD Cookie

CBD Cookies for anytime of the day or night
HealthyTOKYO CBD Cafe Collection
CBD Peanut Butter Cookies 35

Our vegan and gluten-free peanut butter cookie with 35 mg of pure CBD isolate. Handmade by our chefs in our Edogawa CBD Factory. Contains organic peanut butter, rice flour, sugar cane from Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, and a number of other simple and healthy ingredients. Our CBD Cookies are also available in Earl Grey flavors made with organic and natural ingredients.

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6. CBD Vape Liquid

CBD liquid is specially formulated for use in vape devices. Designed for people who already smoke tobacco or are trying to reduce their intake. Also popular for people seeking quicker absorption of CBD. Fill your favorite vape device with CBD vape liquid. Wait 5 minutes until the coil is sufficiently coated and then follow vape device instructions to inhale as instructed.

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CBDTokyo edogawa blend CBD vape oil

Naturally flavored CBD Vape Juice
CBDTokyo 5.9 CBD Vape
Edogawa Blend

A special formulation designed for use with vape devices. Flavored with all-natural terpenes for a gentle smoke. 5.9% CBD in a 10 ml squeeze bottle with an EZ-Fill-Tip for effortless filling of vape device pods.

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7. CBD Oil for Pets

CBD products for pets in Japan are becoming popular as our furry friends suffer from aches, pains, and anxiety in a similar way to us humans. However, they require special formulations and ingredients that are selected to be good for their health and happiness, Choose from CBD oils for dogs and cats and CBD dog treats. Specifically formulated for dogs and cats.

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PetCBD Dog Treats
PetCBD Collection

These cute bone-shaped CBD dog treats are made from simple vegan, gluten-free, and organic ingredients specifically formulated for your pooch. Ideal for a relaxing treat. Each cookie contains 5 mg of pure CBD isolate, the recommended amount for a small to medium-sized dog. Available in two flavors: Organic Peanut Butter & Banana and Organic Satsuma potato & Apple.

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All of our CBD products are available through our online shop, our dedicated Tokyo retail shops, and at other select retailers in Japan.

For those of you living in or visiting Tokyo, we welcome you to come by our 100% vegan cafe shops. Here you can consult with our expert staff about your CBD requirements and try many of our products. We carry our full line of CBD products in all locations and ship worldwide.

HealthyTOKYO CBD Factory and Cafe Edogawa window
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound sourced from the cannabis plant. It is classified as a food in Japan. Overseas It has been lauded for its multiplicity of uses towards potential positive health benefits such as relieving pain, stress, and anxiety, the ability to stop certain kinds of epilepsy, effectiveness in treating Parkinson’s disease symptoms, and much more. CBD is one of about 120 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It is not psychoactive and does not cause a high. CBD is often mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil to produce an oil that is easy to consume. CBD oil is often consumed alone or mixed with food or drink. It is also added to cosmetics and creams and available in a growing number of prepared foods, gummies, cookies, and more.

HealthyTOKYO cannot make claims about what CBD can or cannot do for you. There is mounting clinical evidence available on the internet as well as customer testimonials about the benefits of CBD in sleeppain control, anti-inflammatory applications, stress control, and others. Please consult with a medical professional if you have questions. We publish many articles about CBD on our blog based on data available from various studies around the world and professional sources. You can view our CBD blog here.

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Japan if produced and imported properly. CBD oil in Japan is subject to strict regulation regarding how it is made, what it contains, and how it is imported. According to current laws, CBD products must only be produced from stalk and seed. Most CBD products sold overseas are made from the whole plant. Unlike in other countries where a small amount of THC is allowed (often 0.2% or 0.3%), Japan strictly prohibits THC, and products sold properly in Japan must be third-party tested to provide evidence of 0.00% THC. It is highly risky to bring CBD from overseas even if they may claim that they do not contain THC. We are a pioneer in the Japanese industry and have been legally offering CBD products since 2016.

Our CBD is legally imported, produced and sold in Japan. You can carry your CBD anywhere in Japan.

In general, there are three types of CBD available:

  1. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – This is the oil extracted from the hemp plant and prepared so that it does not contain any detectable THC (the substance in marijuana that can cause a euphoric effect). It does contain other nutritional cannabinoids and terpenes (useful substances in hemp and other botanicals). Broad Spectrum CBD oil, when properly prepared and imported, is legal in Japan. HealthyTOKYO uses broad-spectrum CBD oil in all of our branded tinctures.
  2. CBD Isolate – This is an extraction of pure CBD powder processed from CBD oil. It does not contain any of the other nutritional cannabinoids or terpenes (useful substances in hemp and other botanicals) from the hemp plant. it also does not contain any detectable THC (the substance in marijuana that can cause a euphoric effect). CBD Isolate, when properly prepared and imported, is legal in Japan. Some professional athletes prefer CBD isolate over broad-spectrum products.
  3. Full Spectrum Oil – This is the oil directly pressed from the hemp plant and contains all of the cannabinoids in the original hemp plant. This oil is not legal in Japan as it does contain various levels of THC, the substance in marijuana that can cause a euphoric effect. 


We use only CO2-extracted broad-spectrum CBD oil in our HealthyTOKYO tinctures to provide all of the useful cannabinoids and terpenes not found in CBD isolates. CBD isolate is used in some cosmetic products and other products available on our website.

Yes, we have gathered a lot of information that is supported by clinical and preclinical studies outside of Japan. Please see our blog articles about CBD.

Yes, our HealthyTOKYO brand CBD tinctures are made with all-natural ingredients

Yes, 100% of our HealthyTOKYO products are vegan. Most of our guest products are Vegan as well. If you have any questions, please chat with us send us a message.

Yes, rest assured HealthyTOKYO’s CBD Oil is of the highest quality. We use only CO2-extracted broad-spectrum CBD oil in our HealthyTOKYO brand tinctures to provide all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes not found in CBD isolates.

Yes. CBD is great in coffee, matcha, and a variety of other drinks, It also can be used in cooking, but it is recommended not to overheat it.

All HealthyTOKYO brand products are made in Japan. Our hemp extracts contained in these products are imported from the USA and Europe.

Yes, our products are compliant with Japanese regulations.

No. As per Japanese law, there is no detectable level of THC in our products. THC is currently illegal under the laws of Japan.

We cannot and will not make any medical claims about CBD.

Many of our customers consider the following when choosing a CBD product:

  1. Do I want to take CBD oil, edibletopical, or vape? – Consider whether you want an oil for sublingual, an edible, a topical facial mask, a cream, or a vape formulation. CBD oils can generally be used more flexibly and volume easily adjusted versus edibles. Topical formulation choice depends on personal preference. Remember that CBD oils are absorbed quickly sublingually so a higher amount enters the bloodstream faster than if consuming edibles (gummies, capsules, etc.). 
  2. Do I want a Broad Spectrum CBD product or a CBD Isolate? If interested see “What Types of CBD exist?” information below.
  3. How much CBD is in each product? – Consider the total number of milligrams of CBD in each product. Larger volume and higher concentration products tend to offer better value per mg of CBD.
  4. What percentage of CBD do I want? – Consider a higher percentage formulation if you want to use less volume each time. Higher-concentration products are also easier to carry as they are generally smaller. Higher concentration and larger volume products tend to offer better value per mg of CBD.
  5. How much do I want to spend? – Consider your overall budget. Higher concentration and larger volume products tend to offer better value per mg of CBD.


There are generally four ways to use CBD:

  1. Sublingually: Oils can be taken sublingually. (under your tongue). To take sublingually put desired amount in your mouth and hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds and swallow. Taking CBD sublingual is a fast way to have it enter your bloodstream.
  2. Eat: You can add CBD oil to food or drink. You can also consume CBD gummies, capsules, and other food items containing CBD. When you eat CBD it enters your stomach first and after some digestion then your bloodstream. It generally takes longer to enter your bloodstream than when taken sublingually.
  3. Topical Application: Apply CBD oil or creams, facial masks, or other topical formulations directly to your skin.
  4. Vape: there are specific formulations created for vaping. Vaping requires a vape machine that heats the vape liquid and vaporizes it for inhaling into the lungs. HealthyTOKYO recommends that you do not use vape formulations unless you are already a smoker. 


It really depends on the individual. Most of our customers take 10mg of CBD two to three times per day. We recommend starting with an amount equal to or below 10mg and increasing or decrease the amount depending on your preference and experience. We hear from many customers with stress issues that they take between 10mg – 30mg once or twice a day. Other customers with sleep issues tell us that they generally take 20mg to 50mg before bedtime.

It is best to store in a cool dry place. Refrigeration will reduce oxidization which can occur over time. Chilling your CBD oil will preserve it longer, but it may become thicker when cool. Please remove from the refrigerator at least a few minutes before consuming.

Yes. CBD is great in coffee, matcha, and a variety of other drinks, It also can be used in cooking, but it is recommended not to overheat it.

Please consult with a medical professional.

Please consult with a medical professional.

Please consult with a medical professional.

WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has recently approved CBD for use by Olympic athletes. You must be careful not to use CBD products containing trace amounts of THC. CBD formulations from overseas can contain 0.3% or more THC which could show up in a drug test. Most drug tests are searching for THC, however, some do look for other cannabinoids. Please consult with your team doctor or employer to confirm what is allowed and what is not.

No. As per Japanese law, there is no detectable level of THC in our products. THC is currently illegal under the laws of Japan.

Our CBD is legally imported, produced, and sold in Japan. You can carry your CBD anywhere in Japan.

Please consult with the authorities in your destination country. Laws regarding CBD vary greatly by country.Please consult with the authorities in your destination country. Laws regarding CBD vary greatly by country.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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Not All CBD Oils are Created Equal

Rest assured. Our CBD oil is legally imported and sold in Japan. It is made from organically grown industrial hemp and CO2 extracted without the use of alcohol or any harmful solvents. All of our products are laboratory-tested, certified, and guaranteed to contain everything presented on the label. Our CBD brands are fully compliant with Japanese law, derived only from the stalk of the plant with no THC.

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Japan’s CBD Pioneer since 2016

HealthyTOKYO has been a health and wellness authority in Japan since 2011. It was back in 2016 when HealthyTOKYO entered the CBD oil market by launching our first products in Japan. We continue to introduce the highest quality products and our expanded offerings now include a wide array of CBD oils, topicals, edibles, and CBD pet products. We take great care to provide the best products available, using the finest ingredients with the highest ethical standard for everything we do.

The HealthyTOKYO CBD collection contains broad-spectrum CBD with the synergistic cannabinoids and compounds of the original plant. We use only organic MCT oil for dilution and natural essential oils for flavoring in this premium product line.

For our CBDTokyo collection, we use CBD isolate, derived from the same organic hemp used in our premium HealthyTOKYO line.CBD isolate is generally preferred by professional athletes as it contains only CBD, which is now approved for use by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and JADA (Japan Anti-Doping Agency).

Our Malka Bijoux Japanese CBD Beauty Collection was developed in cooperation with beauty experts and contains vitamin-infused CBD products for outer and inner beauty.

Our CBD Cafe Collection of unique vegan CBD-infused sweets is handcrafted in our factory located in the historic Edogawa district of Tokyo.

Our PetCBD Collection offers the finest natural and vegan CBD oils and CBD-infused treats for your beloved dogs and cats.

We believe that absolute quality and transparency create absolute trust.

You can find our entire lineup of CBD products through the link below.

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