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Comfort for Dogs and Cats 

PetCBD Dog Treats 5mg Organic flavors

Helping Animals in Many Ways

We love animals and believe they need protecting. That is why we opened our Haneda location, the first vegan cafe in a Japanese airport. As Japan’s CBD oil pioneer, we believe in the power of this supplement to enhance life. Human life, and now the life of our precious cat and dog companions.

So after many years of serving plant-based CBD oil infused delicacies and supplements to our human customers, we realized it was time to do the same for our furry friends.

PetCBD Dog Treats 5mg Organic Satsuma Potato & Apple ingredients

Natural & Vegan CBD Pet Treats and Oils

Specially formulated CBD treats with organic fruits and vegetables. CBD oils derived from organically grown hemp and made with other beneficial ingredients. All created for the pet member of your family. Carefully researched and thoughtfully prepared with ingredients that are good for your pet companion. Both cats and dogs. Vegan and natural. Alway made in Japan.

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CBD for my Pet?

“Why do dogs and cats need CBD?” you might ask. The answer is really simple. Our pets deal with many of the same stresses and issues that we do. The overstimulation of the city. The aches and pains of aging. Anxiety from a change in environment. The inability to relax or sleep well.

PetCBD Dog Treats 5mg Organic Peanut Butter and Banana ingredients

All animals are created equal

All animals are created equal. But, they require different diets for optimum health. Our PetCBD collection carefully incorporates all natural vegan ingredients that are right for your animal. We use different CBD oil formulations, ingredients and concentrations as dogs and cats are different by nature.

PetCBD, CBD infused dog treats. Carefully formulated CBD oils for your cat or dog. All natural and vegan. Made in Japan. Backed by years of experience from HealthyTOKYO, Japan’s CBD pioneer and Vegan innovator.

Pure CBD Isolate

The CBD isolate infused in PetCBD products is a pure form of cannabidiol extracted from organically grown hemp stalk.

In addition to various quality checks during production and packaging, we use a qualified third party testing agency to double test all of our CBD products to assure quality and compliance – First when importing the raw materials and then again with each lot that we create. Our company strictly adheres to all Japanese legal requirements for procurement, production and marketing. We want to be absolutely sure we provide you with everything that we promise.