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CBD Questions

HealthyTOKYO is Japan’s CBD Pioneer and as such we have an obligation to our customers, our employees and the Industry to provide the best CBD products available in Japan. We use only the finest ingredients for all of our products. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty.

We invented the CBD cafe concept in Japan and have a number of brick and mortar shops to serve you should you have any questions or want to speak with any of our knowledgeable staff. Simply put, our CBD products are the best in Japan and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.

Ethics: We want our customers to be delighted, our staff to be happy and motivated and our business to grow so that we can continue to provide innovative products and services. We also believe in the development of an ethical CBD Industry. Our CEO is the Chairman of MAJIC (Manufactures Association of Japan Industrial Cannabis) which has the mission to ethically lead & grow the cannabis industry in Japan.

Quality & Transparency: We have an unwavering policy of creating and producing the best CBD products in Japan. It starts with the finest legal ingredients and innovative formulations and culminates in elegant, functional and delicious CBD products. Our ingredients are tested before production and each batch we make is tested again to make sure we provide everything we claim on our labels.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound sourced from the cannabis plant. It is one of more than 120 compounds contained in the plant. Research and wide-spread real-life usage of CBD indicates potential positive health benefits for supporting sleep, coping with PMS, relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety.

Outside of Japan, CBD s also prescribed by medical professionals for various conditions including some forms of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, nausea and others. It is not psychoactive and does not cause a high.

CBD is often mixed with carrier oils derived from plants such as coconut or hemp. This creates an oil which is easy to use. CBD oil is often consumed alone or mixed with food or drink.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which is why we include it as a key ingredient in our specialized cosmetics and creams.

We also infuse CBD in our handcrafted sweets, gummies, and other delicacies.

The daily amount of CBD a person takes can vary depending on physical makeup and condition as well as your purpose for taking CBD.

Here is an article that can help with your questions about how much CBD to take and how to consume it.

All of the CBD products across all of our brands (HealthyTOKYO, CBDTokyo, Malka Bijoux, PetCBD & CBD Shop & Cafe) are developed, formulated and manufactured in Japan. The raw CBD ingredient is sourced from organic farms in the USA.

Our CBD raw ingredient is extracted in the USA from organically farmed hemp plants.

While certainly stable at room temperature, we recommend to store your CBD products in a cool dry place. Gummies can melt in very hot temperatures and all products will generally last longer if not exposed to excessive heat or light.

CBD is very stable. Our products all list a “best by date”. CBD when stored properly will have the optimal shelf-life. When exposed to light CBD can turn a pinkish color, which does not impact the quality of the product. We recommend to consume your products within the best by date.

If you have a serious health condition or are taking medication and have questions about taking CBD, we recommend you speak with a medical professional.

We do not recommend CBD for women who are pregnant.

CBD is fully legal in Japan, if it is 1) made only from the stalk or seed of the hemp plant, 2) Does not contain THC (“high compound”) and 3) Is imported and processed by a certified production facility.

CBD does not cause a high.

We have prepared an extensive blog with a lot of information about CBD. Please click here to go to CBD Blog.

If you have further questions, please contact us via email, chat or visit one of our shop & cafe locations. to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

Yes, we provide COAs for all of our products. Please contact us at info@healthytokyo,com or through Chat for the relevant product COA. Please include the product name and the production number on the bottom of the package.

WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and JADA (Japan Anti-Doping Agency) have approved CBD for use by Olympic athletes. You must be careful not to use CBD products containing trace amounts of THC. CBD formulations from overseas can contain 0.3% or more THC which could show up in a drug test. Most drug tests are searching for THC, however some do look for other cannabinoids. Please consult with your team doctor or employer to confirm what is allowed and what is not.

You can travel freely with our CBD products in Japan. For travel to other countries, please check in advance of making a trip.

We have CBD products in all categories including CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD edibles, CBD topical (cosmetics), CBD vapes and CBD for pets. You can see all of our CBD products here.

Online: Shop our entire collection of the best CBD products in Japan.

Our CBD Shops & Cafes: Click here to see all of our brick and mortar locations.

Our products are also available in a select number of specialty stores in Japan. If you cannot visit one of our shops or buy online, send us a message with your location and we will point you to the nearest place where you can purchase our products.

CBD is reported to have similar benefits for pets as it does for humans. Pets with anxiety, pain or sleep issues are often given CBD by their owners. Click here to see CBD Pet products available.

We have collected informative articles about CBD for pets on our Blog.

CBD is generally safe for children. HealthyTOKYO believes that all minors should have parental consent to consume CBD.

Terpenes are natural compounds found in plants, including cannabis and hemp. They're responsible for the distinct aroma and flavor of each plant. In cannabis, terpenes not only contribute to its scent but also play a role in influencing the effects it has on the body and mind when consumed.

Many of our customers consider the following when choosing a CBD product:

  1. Do I want to take CBD oil, edible, topical or vape? - Consider whether you want an oil for sublingual, an edible, a topical facial mask, cream or a vape formulation. CBD oils can generally be used more flexibly and volume easily adjusted versus edibles. Topical formulation choice depends on personal preference.
  2. Do I want a Broad Spectrum CBD product or a CBD Isolate?
  3. How much CBD is in each product? - Consider the total number of milligrams of CBD in each product. Larger volume and higher concentration products tend to offer better value per mg of CBD.
  4. What percentage of CBD do I want? - Consider a higher percentage formulation if you want to use less volume each time. Higher concentration products are also easier to carry as they are generally smaller.
  5. How much do I want to spend? - Consider your overall budget. Higher concentration and larger volume products tend to offer better value per mg of CBD.

Shop & Cafe

HealthyTOKYO Shop & Cafes offer 100% vegan food and drinks made with the finest organic and natural ingredients available. Our delicacies are loved just as much by Omnivores as they are by Vegans.
CBD Infused sweets: Cookies, brownies, cakes and more. All made with our premium CBD and all natural plant-based ingredients. Non-infused sweets also available.

Savory Lasagna and more: Handcrafted lasagna made with a traditional Italian sauce and rice noodles for a gluten-free and vegan treat. Quiche, paninis and sandwiches also available in most shops.

Handcrafted CBD drinks: Made with natural ingredients, mostly organic and always vegan. Matcha drinks, craft sodas, organic teas and coffees. The Ultimate Coffee: We have the best organic and fair trade coffee in Japan. It is an original blend roasted by a local artisan for a unique and rich cup.

Shop for CBD: We have our entire line-up of premium CBD products including oils, gummies, edibles, vapes and cosmetics and pet CBD products available for purchase. Have a question? Ask our knowledgeable staff.

All of our cafe food and drinks are 100% vegan.

Many of our foods are gluten-free including our famous lasagna, cakes, cookies and brownies.

*We do prepare items with gluten in the same kitchen that our gluten-free foods are made.

You can see all of our real shop locations here.

Our menus vary slightly from shop to shop, To see the latest menus, click on the shop of interest.

Haneda Airport

Yes. All of our premium CBD brands and products are available in our shops.

We have takeout available in all of our cafe shops.

Haneda: Takeout/Eat In

Harajuku: Takeout/Eat In/Delivery via Uber Eats and WOLT

Daikanyama: Takeout/Eat In/Delivery via Uber Eats and WOLT

Edogawa: Takeout/Eat In/Delivery via Uber Eats and Demaekan

You can make reservations at all of our shops with the exception of Haneda. Please call the particular cafe & shop in advance.

Here is a link to all locations.

While we do not have our own parking lots, parking is generally available close to all of our locations.

We welcome pets to our downtown locations. Haneda airport only allows service animals.

All of our shops, with the exception of Haneda are available for private parties and events. Please send an email to or use our chat function to let us know your plans.

We accept all major credit cards, IC payments, ApplePay and PayPay.


payment methods

Our HealthyTOKYO location in Haneda Airport is the the proud recipient of Best Airport Health-Centered/Vegan Offer in Asia Pacific.

HealthyTOKYO shops and products have been featured in a large number of prestigious magazines and on television, including The New York Times, NHK, Rolling Stone, Elle, Elle Gourmet GQ, AnAn and a host of others.

Online Shopping

After you place an order and we ship your product, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can also see the tracking info on your account page.

Products ship from our Kanto-based facility and will generally arrive the following day in most areas of Japan. It can take a day or two more for delivery to Okinawa, Western and Northern Japan locations.

We generally process and ship same-day for all orders received before 14:00 on business days. We do not ship on weekends or Japan national holidays.

We ship to all addresses in Japan. If you are staying in a hotel, please provide your room information if possible. If you are staying in an AirBNB, please make sure to check with your host about how to receive packages.

We ship internationally. Shipping is free for all orders over ¥15,000. While we guarantee express shipping, we can not guarantee that your product will be accepted by Customs at arrival destination. We do not offer refunds or returns for undelivered international shipments.

We ship to all addresses in Japan, including US military bases.

In some cases, we may be able to arrange for same day delivery. Please contact us via Chat, phone or email with your request.

You are welcome to order online and pick up your product in a designated shop. Please indicate the shop for pickup in the note section when you process your online order.

You can set a preferred delivery date on the checkout screen when ordering online.

You can create a HealthyTOKYO account here.

You can change your shipping address in your account page. Please note that changes will not apply for orders already processed, If you need to change a shipping location after ordering, please contact us via chat or phone.

We accept all major credit cards, Pay Pay, Paidy and Cash on Delivery. Please note that there is a ¥500 yen processing charge for cash on delivery.

Newsletter & Promotions

You can sign up for the HealthyTOKYO newsletter here to keep in touch about all of our events and new products.

HealthyTOKYO has an official LINE account. Signing up is free and you will receive a special treat in our shops and cafes at sign up. Each time you shop in our shops & cafes you receive points that give you a bunch of great CBD goodies.

Join HealthyTOKYO Official LiNE account here.

From time to time we do offer special gifts, items and campaigns for customers who visit and make purchases in our shops & cafes. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch. 

You can also friend us on LINE to receive points each time you purchase in our shops & cafes. These points are exchangeable for CBD goodies.

We do not discount our CBD products.

When you order from HealthyTOKYO, you are buying thoroughly tested products crafted with the best ingredients available by Japan’s CBD Pioneer. Rather than tempting customers with fluctuating discounts, we focus our efforts on providing the best CBD products in Japan. We stand behind every premium product we make.

You can rest assured that you are getting the best price for the best product whenever you order from HealthyTOKYO.


We welcome creative, energetic and sincere people to join the HealthyTOKYO Team, If you are interested to join Japan’s CBD Pioneer and Vegan Innovator, please send your resume and a message to

We welcome interns to apply. Please send your resume and a message to

We welcome Working Holiday visa holders & exchange students to apply. Please send your resume and a message to

Business Partnerships

Interested in carrying HealthyTOKYO products in your premium shop? Please send us a message with a link to your shop’s website and we will get back to you.

Do you have a product or service that would be great for HealthyTOKYO, our customers or our employees? Please send a message and information about your offering.

Please send all investment proposals to us by email.

Media Inquiries

For all media inquiries, please contact us by email.

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