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NAG Orthopedic Clinic led by a sports medicine specialist, Yoshiaki Nagumo, MD, PhD.
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NAG Orthopedic Clinic led by a sports medicine specialist, Yoshiaki Nagumo, MD, PhD, was established in 2023 in Shirokane, Tokyo.

Dr. Nagumo originally started his career as a bone and soft tissue tumor specialist. He is a surgeon who specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal tumors. After several years of clinical activity, he moved to the US (The University of Iowa) in 2018 for a few years to research regenerative medicine. As a researcher, his main areas of research were cartilage regeneration with mesenchymal stem cells and tissue engineering with cell culture supernatant, also known as conditioned medium, which is one of his current clinical treatment tools.

Dr. Nagumo has been engaged in several sports: weight training, CrossFit, boxing, grappling, trekking, and freediving. In 2018 in the US, he accidentally injured his left knee, and the injury was diagnosed as meniscus tears. However, the sports medicine specialist who tended to him instructed him to just rest and neither offered any other treatment nor gave advice. This experience let him strongly feel the need for sports injury treatment specialists who put themselves in the patient’s shoes.

After coming back to Japan, he decided to change his specialty to sports medicine specialist and began support activities of several sports players and teams.

NAG Orthopedic Clinic provides medical care to various patients who have orthopedic conditions, such as shoulder and elbow, hip, knee and lower extremities, and spinal disorders, based on precise diagnosis through physical examination and MRI as well as CT scan. In addition, there are several regenerative medicine-based intravenous drips that focus on healing treatment-resistant joint pain and fatigue.

NAG Orthopedic Clinic also consists of a chiropractic/massage room and training space where you can enjoy relaxation hand therapy and low-intensity training, including fixing pelvic tilts and body realignments with expert sports trainers.


Common disease/symptoms 

  • Neck pain, cervical sprain (e.g., after a traffic accident)
  • Stiff shoulder, rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow
  • Numbness in fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, sprained finger
  • Back pain, strained back, hip pain
  • Knee pain, knee osteoarthritis, meniscus tears
  • Numbness/pain in legs, sciatica
  • Sprain, hallux valgus
  • Fractures of each bone

Immediate imaging test

NAG Orthopedic Clinic is affiliated with several MRI and CT centers and same-day imaging testing is available (Japanese insurance covers 70% of an MRI and CT scan).

Minor surgeries are available

NAG Orthopedic Clinic provides minor surgeries for slight injuries.

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