HealthyTOKYO CBD Hand Cream Moisturizing Yuzu


Luxurious CBD Hand Cream infused with HealthyTOKYO’s high quality Broad Spectrum CBD oil, Yuzu citrus and carrot seed essential oils. The perfect cream to combat dryness caused by the environment and frequent use of hand sanitizers. So natural it can be used safely on hands and lips.

Crafted with all-natural & vegan ingredients.

Volume: 30g per tube (contains 150mg of HealthyTOKYO Broad Spectrum CBD)

Ingredients: Natural vegetable oil blend, Yuzu essential oil, Cannabidiol, Lemon essential oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Carrot Seed essential oil

We recommend to store in a cool dry place. Product may liquify when placed in direct sunlight or high temperature locations. When opening cap, please place tube straight up to avoid spilling.

Made in Japan