BROWN SUGAR 1ST. – Organic Coconut Oil in Tokyo

brown sugar 1st organic extra virgin coconut oil

If you have been looking for organic coconut oil in Tokyo, you have most likely come across BROWN SUGAR 1ST. The fashionable brand BROWN SUGAR 1ST. has its origins in humble beginnings. Midori-san began baking homemade goods to ensure that her children were indulging in healthy sweets made with only the best natural ingredients. One day, as she was looking […]

New Organic Vegan Ice Cream Shop in Tokyo

two ice cream cups at brown sugar 1st

Taking a brief stroll through the colorful district of Harajuku from the Takeshita exit of Meiji-jingumae Station will soon bring you to a newly opened organic vegan ice cream shop in Tokyo called BROWN SUGAR 1ST. Serving delectable all-natural goodies in a cozy and fashionably decorated space, BROWN SUGAR 1ST. is changing the game when it comes to organic food. […]

HealthyTOKYO online health and wellness shop launched!

Welcome to HealthyTOKYO’s new online store! Shop in English for high quality health and wellness products at the best prices, delivered to your door. HealthyTOKYO has always been dedicated to providing easy access to great doctors, dentists, places to exercise, relax and eat healthy. Over the years we have helped many locate hard to find healthcare […]

Herpes in Japan

herpes in japan

Herpes has become a predominant issue worldwide, and herpes in Japan is no exception. According to a report by the World Health Organization, over 3 billion individuals under 50, or 67% of the global population, are infected with herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1). An additional 417 million individuals aged 5-49 are carrying the other strain of […]