Root Canal Treatment in Japan without a Microscope


Dr. Nakamaru is one of the few dentists in Japan whose clinic owns and uses a powerful industry-grade surgical microscope, allowing their dentists to precisely inspect and work on teeth. In this blog post, Dr. Nakamaru shares with us why it is important to ask if your dentist is using a surgical microscope before undergoing root canal treatment […]

3 Compelling Reasons to opt for Private Dental Care in Japan

Hello. My name is Goro Nakamaru. I’m the owner of the Nakamaru Dental Clinic in Yokohama. In 2015, I made the difficult decision to cease accepting Japan’s National Health Insurance (NHI). In this article, I would like to share three compelling reasons to opt for private dental care in Japan and my reasons for becoming a private practice (as opposed […]

Disadvantage of Dental Care with National Health Insurance


Healthy Tokyo is delighted to welcome its newest Medical Partner, Nakamaru Dental Clinic, based in Yokohama. Dr. Goro Nakamaru, trained at U.C.L.A. in California, has been running the Nakamaru Dental Clinic since 2002. His clinic treats both Japanese and foreigners of all ages and is well-known in the area for being both incredibly professional and exceptionally […]