Onsen hot springs near Tokyo & Yokohama – Two best picks

View from Pool at Enoshima Island Spa Onsen near Tokyo & Yokohama

Looking for onsen hot springs near Tokyo & Yokohama? Want to get away for a relaxing dip in a traditional Japanese bath and make it back to the city in time for dinner? Actually you may want to stay for dinner as both of the places we describe below have wonderful food in addition to natural […]

Dental implant expert in Azabu, Minato-ku

Sakakibara dental clinic is a dental implant expert in Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.  The clinic was established more than 30 years ago and has provided treatment for locals as well as those residing outside Tokyo. The director introduced the practice of laser dental treatment to Japan when it was unknown in 1984 after researching it at Universite de […]

Natural & Healthy Restaurant in Okinawa – Sara

Located about 30 kilometers from Naha in Onnason  is Sara, a natural & healthy restaurant in Okinawa. The food here is absolute art. Some call it fusion. Others liken it to a musical composition as the medley of courses entices the senses. Made with fresh island ingredients and customized for the lucky diners who call in advance for […]

Thai Massage in Tokyo – Two Great Options

Thai Traditional Massage in Senju - Ra-imu foot massage

Looking for a Thai Massage in Tokyo for all that ails you? Here are two great options with professionally trained and certified staff to stretch your muscles and work out the kinks. Erawan Thai Traditional Massage is located in the heart of Roppongi conveniently situated between two iconic complexes; Roppongi Midtown and Roppongi Hills. Nii Saengsuwan […]

Kona Natural Soap Company – Hawaii’s Gift to the World

Soap – we all use it, but do we know what’s in it? No question about the natural soaps produced by Kona Natural Soap Company. These bars smell good enough to eat and are 100% natural. They start with a vegan base of a combination of olive oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, Hawaiian kukui nut […]

Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt – 100% Natural and Healthy

We met a guy named Sam Wilburn who left Austin Texas about five years ago for the shores of the Big Island with its bountiful nature and diverse ecosystems. He started experimenting with salt. Yes, the stuff we all put on our food for flavor, and are generally careful not to overuse. Sam tells us […]

Entrepreneur Japan Series Features Michael Bobrove – Founder of HealthyIM K.K.

Jarman International recently published an article about Michael Bobrove, founder of HealthyIM K.K. the company behind HealthyTOKYO.com and HealthyIM.com. The article talks about some of the things it takes for an entrepreneur to move ideas forward and finding your niche in Japan.  We are honored that Jarman International chose our founder as an example of how to succeed in […]

Enoshima Island Spa – Coffee with a View

Enoshima Island Spa on HealthyTOKYO.com

With Golden Week upon us, many of us are thinking about where we could go for a nice day trip near Tokyo. How about a cup of delicious coffee with the ultimate view after a spa treatment in beautiful Enoshima? Enoshima is a small offshore island home to some of the closest sandy beaches to […]

Organic Vegetables in Tokyo – Grow Your Own Hydroponics

Organic Veggies in Tokyo – Grow Your Own Hydroponics Have you ever wanted to grow your own organic vegetables in Tokyo?   During some customer visits around the Hamamatsucho area we came across a corner shop  with bright lights and row after row of hydroponic vegetables and herbs growing neatly on black shelving visible from the outside. […]