Japan HIV Center – Support for HIV Patients in Japan

Japan HIV Center Support for HIV Patients in Japan

STDs in general, and HIV/AIDS in particular are definitely not topics people enjoy talking about. Making it difficult to find support for HIV patients in Japan. Whether we like it or not, in order to prevent the diseases from spreading, constant prevention and education on the disease is a necessity for public health. Although the […]

Infertility Support Group in Japan

Dr. Taiken Jo, Director at ACURA Acupuncture Clinic in Shibuya

One of our Medical Partners, Taiken Jo, Director and head acupuncturist at Acura Acupuncture Clinic, the leader of acupuncture infertility treatment in Japan, has just recently launched a peer support group called TTC -Trying to Conceive.  Seeing that there has never been an infertility support group in Japan I was interested in finding out just […]

Face Masks in Japan

Face masks in Japan

Contrary to common misconceptions, most surgical masks do not protect against air pollution and therefore smog is not the primary reason people wear face masks in Japan. Pollution in Japan is not as much of a concern as it can be in China and the majority of these masks do not prevent the wearer from breathing in minute […]

Gym in Tokyo – Minato City Sports Center

Do you want to hit the gym in Tokyo or practice other sports, but don’t want to make a contract with a club? There is a great option for a gym in Tokyo – Minato City Sports Center. Located close to the train stations of Tamachi and Mita in the Minato ward, the building hosts different […]

Teeth Whitening in Japan

teeth whitening in Japan

Have you considered teeth whitening in Japan? Your smile is one of the most powerful communication tools that you have. Unfortunately, because of what you eat, drink, and even due to some medications, that sparkling smile fades away with your teeth slowly getting discolored and stained. Age and bad habits, like not brushing and flossing […]

Sunscreen in Japan – What you need to know

Sunscreen in Japan - What you need to Know

You have probably seen Japanese women sporting sun umbrellas, arm gloves and sometimes even masks during sunny days. It is common knowledge that getting a suntan in Japan is not considered as attractive as it can be in the western world. Even if you do not necessarily desire fair skin, you should still use sun protection, […]

HIV tests in Japan

HIV & AIDS Testing in Japan

Have you seen a sudden increase of red ribbon posters in the last couple of days for HIV tests in Japan? That is because June 1st through June 7th is National HIV Testing Awareness Week. Back in 2006, The Japanese health ministry started HIV test awareness campaigns in order to draw the public’s attention to […]

Contact lenses in Japan – A buyers guide

If you wear corrective contact lenses and come to Japan for a long period of time, you might not be able, or simply do not want to bring a whole stock of contact lenses and solution in your luggage.  In some countries procuring contact lenses can be easy and quick and in others unnecessarily complicated […]