5 Reasons Why Hemp in Japan is Making a Comeback

hemp in Japan

Not to be confused with the controversial marijuana, hemp is a useful and a much less intoxicating cousin from the same cannabis family. Little wonder that products made of hemp in Japan are gaining popularity amongst the health and eco conscious trendsetters. These days, you will find hemp refined into a variety of items including […]

Buying Deodorant in Japan

deodorant in japan

Summer in Japan is undeniably a hot and sticky affair. With the lack of blustery air-conditioning, staying and smelling fresh becomes quite the challenge. By reputation a land synonymous with cleanliness, many foreigners are surprised at the limited selection when buying deodorant in Japan. Could it be that Japanese people perspire less and smell less than […]

Seeking Treatment for Acne in Japan

seeking treatment for acne in japan

In a land of seemingly perfect appearances, it is difficult to believe that acne is a common affliction for people of all ages. Take heart that acne is common, with treatment covered by National Health Insurance in Japan. This is good news for acne sufferers who understand only too well that acne isn’t simply a superficial ailment that will go away by avoiding […]

7 Vegetarian Restaurants in Tokyo You Shouldn’t Miss

vegan modern oats

Japan ranks amongst the top culinary capitals in the world. Not so for vegetarians and vegans. Finding options for vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo, the land of raw fish and oversized bowls of noodle soup, can be limited – “no meat” often means shrimp or fish. But with changing attitudes and the demand for healthier eats, progressive […]

5 Japanese Superfoods to Enjoy this Festive Season

Japanese superfood edamame

‘Tis the season to be merrymaking! With Bonenkais (year-end parties) aplenty and Shinenkais (new year parties ) approaching, maintaining a healthful eating plan seems a little daunting. But you might be well surprised at the wholesome and tasty Japanese Superfoods that can be found at your favourite Izakaya. What exactly are ‘Superfoods’? Some foods have […]