Froozer – 100% all natural whole fruit frozen bar now available in Japan

Meet Froozer. Three flavors of blended frozen fruit bars you can enjoy guilt-free. Made with 100% whole fruit, freshly harvested and picked at its peak of ripeness. Froozer is never heated, thus maintaining all of the nutrients of fresh fruit. This unique natural frozen fruit bar is making its way from Oregon to Tokyo via HealthyTOKYO, […]

Michelin Star Restaurant in Tokyo Keisuke Matsushima Serving Healthy Sugar Meat

Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo chicken

Having found the healthiest Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo, I’ve decided to relay the 5 star experience to you today. HealthyTOKYO visited Keisuke Matsushima to sample Sugar Meat. Here is my honest review of the food on offer. Ah, the perks of working at HealthyTOKYO! A wonderful meal at Keisuke Matsushima, one of Tokyo’s best Michelin starred […]

Grateful in 2016 – Happy New Year

On this first day of off the New Year I find myself  so grateful in 2016. Grateful for the family and friends who surround me. Grateful for my work colleagues. Grateful for the dedicated partners and members that make up the HealthyTOKYO community. And grateful for the many motivating messages we receive from people we […]

Mike’s Carrot & Apple Vegetarian Curry Recipe

vegetarian curry ingredients

Mike’s Carrot & Apple Vegetarian Curry Although I am not a vegetarian, being the founder of a health and wellness company certainly encourages healthier eating. Our team has the pleasure of visiting many healthy restaurants of all kinds as well as suppliers of various organic goodies. I am always enticed by the healthy foods we […]

Hummus & Falafel in Tokyo – Ta-im for Healthy Israeli food


Hummus & Falafel in Tokyo – Ta-im for Great Healthy Israeli food Recommended by a friend as a “must-try” healthy middle eastern place in Tokyo, we wandered over to a little corner shop which can be easily reached from Ebisu or Hiroo stations.  This authentic gem is called Ta-im  and serves up some amazing homemade Israeli cuisine.  […]

Time to get soba noodles in Japan – health benefits

Health benefits of soba noodles Ah, the wonderful taste and health benefits of soba noodles in Japan. During my busy day visiting with customers – with so little time for lunch – I came across a fast-food soba shop that was surprisingly delicious. I have had the pleasure to taste some of the most […]

Find a hospital when traveling overseas – practical advice

Stomach Cancer treatment in Japan hospital

Practical Advice – Preparing for a medical emergency and finding a hospital when traveling overseas I was approached by to provide an article on practical advice to prepare for  and findi a hospital when traveling overseas.  It was just published and I thought it would be good to share with the HealthyTOKYO community. Most […]