Japanese cooking – Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce & Miso

Japanese cooking - sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce & miso

Simple guide to Japanese cooking: Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So Japanese cooking uses sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce & miso and there is actually a chemical logic to this culinary method. The main condiments that flavor Japanese cuisine are remembered in alphabetic order with a simple phrase for those who are interested in learning to cook Japanese meals.  “Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So” is the 3rd column in […]

Hay Fever in Japan

sakura cherry blossom hay fever in Japan

The changing of seasons in Japan is beautiful to watch, but can also bring with it the discomfort of kafunshou. Also known as allergic rhinitis, hay fever’s symptoms include nasal congestion/runny nose, frequent sneezing and itchy and/or watery eyes. Hay fever in Japan occurs in the spring, when the pollen from cedar and cypress trees is abundant […]

Cold pressed juice shops in Tokyo


I had the pleasure of trying out a growing number of organic cold pressed juice shops in Tokyo through introductions from HealthyTOKYO.com.  I started from Roppongi and made my way to Ebisu. I welcomed the loads of healthy vitamin and mineral packed juices as I was starting to catch a cold and these drinks helped […]

10 Japanese Natural Remedies to Fight the Flu


Influenza (Flu) is a common ailment afflicting many in the winter months. What is influenza and what kind of natural remedies are out there?  Influenza is a contagious respiratory viral sickness accompanied by a high fever and headaches, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, congestion, achy body, and/or fatigue. For those curious about Japanese natural remedies to […]

Morning After Pill in Japan

morning after pill - HealthyTOKYO.com

Emergency Contraceptives – morning after pills to prevent pregnancy following unprotected sexual intercourse or contraceptive failure, are available at certain OB/GYN clinics/hospitals or ladies’ clinics in Japan and are commonly called “Morning After Pill” (モーニングアフターピル). These pills must be paid by one’s own expense and are not covered by insurance. The morning after pill in […]

Natsubate: Summer’s sneak attacks

natsubate - heat stroke in Japan

Before we know it, we’ll be in the midst of Japan’s hot humid summer and with it comes the infamous Natsubate. It’s a term used to describe your body’s defeat to the temperature during summer, as is the meaning of the word, natsu “summer” and bate “fatigue”. It’s not something to be taken lightly as […]

Bringing Prescription Drugs to Japan – Quick guide and links

bringing prescription drugs to Japan

When bringing prescription drugs to Japan with you on your travels, you need to be careful not to bring products that are prohibited. Even though your medication is legal in your country, it could be illegal in Japan. In a worst-case scenario, you could be detained and arrested upon arrival if you don’t have the […]

Chinese Medicine in Japan – Kanpouyaku for your Health

herb-essence- Mount Fuji Wellness Retreat - Seiyoen

If you are one who wants to expand your treatment options to natural remedies and traditional medicine for all that ails you, you might want to ask your doctor next time about Chinese medicine in Japan or visit your local drug store for some Kanpouyaku OTC remedies. When we go to a doctor and receive […]