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CBD for PMS and PMDD – Is it Helpful?

HealthyTOKYO often gets questions regarding CBD for PMS. Most woman would have experienced premenstrual symptoms such as period cramps, headaches and feelings of irritability at least once in her life. According to a survey conducted by a pharmaceutical company, 90% of Japanese women have experienced changes in their physical or mental condition due to hormonal […]

CBD for Parkinson's

CBD for Parkinson’s Disease – Quality of Life

Introduction In today’s article on CBD, we will be looking at CBD for Parkinson’s Disease and its potential to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from Parkinson’s. About 10 million people worldwide are afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. While this number may seem relatively small, the symptoms are very debilitating and challenging to […]

CBD for Anxiety

CBD for Anxiety – Clinical Studies

Introduction CBD oil for anxiety is something we have touched upon throughout previous HealthyTOKYO articles, such as CBD for Sleepand CBD for Concentration, and today we will be diving deeper into this topic. Anxiety affects a large number of people worldwide. Although it is a natural feeling to have in certain situations, continuous affliction can […]


CBD for MS – Relieving Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

For any of you who have read our previous CBD articles, using CBD to treat MS may not come as that much of a surprise. Research has revealed that CBD seems to interact deeply with the neurons in our brains in a positive way. As MS can wreak havoc on the nervous system, the idea […]