truth about hemp oil in japan

The Truth about CBD Hemp Oil – What You Need to Know

CBD hemp oil, which became available in Japan in 2016, is continuing to grow in popularity around the world. This oil contains cannabidiol (CBD), a type of cannabinoid sourced from the hemp plant. When you read “hemp plant,” you probably think of marijuana, but there’s a difference. What makes this compound unique is that it’s sourced from a form of hemp that doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana.  Therefore, you only get the positive effects of CBD as a health supplement.

What can CBD oil do? The effects of CBD oil are currently being studied globally, with researchers looking to confirm the potential benefits of using this supplement on a daily basis. 

Researchers suggest that a food supplement with an antioxidant effect on the body, may help to prevent free radical damage. CBD oil may also have anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also said that CBD can help with pain, concentration, anxiety, relaxation and sleep among others. Studies with CBD have shown positive results with both animal and human subjects and further research is being conducted as we speak about the benefits of CBD oil. 

Currently, CBD oil in Japan is sold only as a dietary supplement and while there is a lot of positive research out there, companies should not make unsubstantiated claims about its effects.

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If you are looking to add CBD oil or any new supplement to your routine and heave medical questions, please consult your physician.  HealthyTOKYO’s CBD products provide easy to follow instructions so you can effortlessly include it as part of your daily health routine. If you have any questions for HealthyTOKYO, please contact us through our chat window or via email.

At HealthyTOKYO, we pride ourselves on transparency and offering as much information as possible to help you make informed decisions about your health and wellness. Please keep an eye on this space for more information about CBD oil. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about CBD oil or any of the other products we sell on our online store.

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