CBD Patches for Muscle Pain: Do CBD Patches Help? Results & Benefits

CBD patches are increasingly recognized for their potential in managing muscle discomfort. As pioneers in the Japanese CBD market, we have noted the growing interest in CBD for its potential supportive role in managing muscle discomfort.

This article aims to delve into the mechanics of CBD patches, share insights from some of our customers, and highlight their potential benefits for muscle discomfort management.

Effects of CBD Patches for Pain Relief, are CBD Patches your Best Option?

CBD patches offer a novel approach to potentially alleviating discomfort directly at the source.

Oral supplements have to go through your body first. CBD patches don’t, making them absorb faster right where you need it. This means CBD can potentially accelerate the onset of relief from pain or inflammation.

This direct application could make CBD patches an innovative solution for managing long-term discomfort, providing swift ease and supporting the recovery process.

Basically, the potential benefits of CBD patches are the same as using any other topical form of CBD.

But If you’re wondering whether CBD patches are for you, consider their 2 most important benefits: ease of use and focused target support. Try oils, gummies, or vapes if you prefer to consume CBD orally.

CBD patches are most commonly used in the following areas: 

  • Wrists
  • Inside the elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Back of the neck
  • Upper back
  • Lower back
  • Abdomen
  • Ankles
  • Temples
  • Knees
  • Feet (Soles & top)

How Does the CBD Patch Help Your Recovery? Comparing CBD Products for Muscle Pain

Choosing the right CBD product for potential pain relief? Think about how well CBD gets absorbed.

CBD patches stand out because they send CBD through the skin, right into your bloodstream.

A CBD patch has the potential to assist with targeted relief to painful or inflamed areas by releasing a predetermined amount of CBD gradually over the time you wear the patch.

Although patches are similar to other CBD products in terms of delivering CBD, their application and usage are different from CBD Oil and Vapes. Patches can be hidden under clothes, giving you a discreet and constant delivery of CBD.

Take our CBDTokyo Menthol Sheet patch, for example, It has not only CBD but also menthol. Menthol cools and calms sore muscles. 

In general, CBD patches are great for potentially aiding recovery from hard activities like sports or workouts.

Compared to other CBD products, CBD Patches are often preferred for their straightforward application and long-lasting impact.

Back pain and CBD

Chronic back pain affects many people. It can come from sitting too much, physical stress, or health issues. As part of the health community, we are excited about CBD’s potential effects for back pain relief.

Research shows CBD (cannabidiol) can fight inflammation and can assist with pain alleviation. HealthyTOKYO’s “CBDTokyo’s CBD Menthol Sheet Muscle & Relax” patches are designed for sore muscles and joint pain.

“I use the 86 patch for my lower back and neck pain after long desk work or muscle fatigue after surfing. My body gets better the next day!”


Customers like Satoru, a Chiba surfer, report that CBD patches ease pain and aid recovery. This means more comfort and better movement every day.


Muscle and back pain are widespread, and CBD patches are a practical and helpful support. 

Our “CBDTokyo’s CBD Menthol Sheet” is great for potentially aiding in easing muscle pain. Just apply it where needed for potential muscle relaxation and relief after intense days or workouts.

Our customers find them effective for managing pain and improving comfort, no matter their lifestyle.

Always talk to a health expert before trying CBD for health issues. Adding CBD patches to your health routine could be a smart move.

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