The HealthyTOKYO Debut Live on NHK Asaichi

Did you catch the HealthyTOKYO debut live on NHK Asaichi? It seems that we’re not the only ones obsessed with matcha because the popular morning show invited Mike and Norma to talk about how this superfood is taking the world by storm and to showcase two original, healthy matcha recipes.

Japan’s number one morning talk show could not get enough of the creative ways Norma is using HealthyTOKYO’s organic matcha in her kitchen! The millions of people all over Japan that tuned into the matcha special live on NHK Asaichi were wowed by Mike and Norma’s innovative ways to enjoy matcha, not to mention the scintillating rapport. Matcha has a long and rich history in Japan thanks to its numerous health benefits, delicious taste and versatility. Recently, matcha has experienced a boom on the world stage. On Tuesday July 11, NHK Asaichi broadcast a television special all about matcha! In order to get an international perspective on Japan’s favorite superfood, NHK enlisted our resident matcha experts, Mike and Norma.

Mike raves about the benefits of matcha and drinks it everyday, and because of this he set out to find and source the highest quality organic matcha in Japan for HealthyTOKYO.. Together, Mike and Norma are a veritable wealth of matcha knowledge and the perfect pair to talk about the beauty and complexity behind powdered green tea.

It might surprise you to learn that there are so many ways to incorporate matcha into your diet. In Japan it is traditionally whisked with hot water until foamy, and consumed straight. More recently, matcha has branched out into various drink recipes such as lattes, smoothies and even cocktails! The different cuisines that matcha works well with make for an even longer list, as matcha pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes.

For the HealthyTOKYO Debut Live on NHK Asaichi, Norma showcased two very popular, matcha recipes. The first was the famous matcha guacamole a fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine and full of healthy ingredients such as avocado, lime, cayenne pepper and of course, matcha. The flavors compliment each other while the matcha even further accentuates the green of the avocado. Not only is this matcha guacamole easy to make but it’s delicious!

The second recipe that was featured on the HealthyTOKYO Debut Live on NHK Asaichi, was the Non-alcoholic Matcha Mojito. This recipe has a Japanese twist on the Cuban favorite. In place of rum, this recipe contains superfood ingredients like matcha! The mint and lime add to the tropical vibes and the cocktail is topped with ginger ale rather than soda water giving it a zing and some sweetness. The non-alcoholic matcha mojito quenches your thirst and is good to sip on all summer long.

Norma and Mike wowed Japan, bright and early on NHK Asaichi with their extensive knowledge of matcha and creative uses for this traditional Japanese superfood. Norma and Mike’s segment was full of constant laughs, lightning fast interpreting by Mike and mouth-watering matcha recipes straight from Norma’s Kitchen!

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