Occupational Physician in Japan – All you need to know

Occupational Medicine In Japan – Does your work place have an Occupational Physician (産業医)?

Occupational physician In Japan might not be a term you are familiar with. Whether you just moved to Japan or have been living here for years, if you are an active member of the workforce the question of workplace medicine and health is sure to have crossed your mind at some point. Having said this, […]

Essential oils in Japan – Healthy Living In A Drop!

essential oils in Japan

In the age of breakfast bars, conbeni obento lunches, and ‘smart‘ phones, there is no dearth of self – proclaimed ‘gurus‘. Whether to lose weight the easy way, get in shape super fast or to maintain your youthful looks. Our parents, grandparents, and THEIR parents, had no need for these ‘gurus‘. Their health, looks, and […]

Guide to Sanitary Napkins and Tampons in Japan

Sanitary Napkins and Tampons in Japan

Ladies, when traveling to another country like Japan, there are some things you just assume will be available like back home. Sanitary napkins and tampons are two of those things. Sure, you’ll likely take whatever is left of your current stock when you travel, but never really expect things to be so different as the […]

Vaginal Dryness – Causes & Treatment

vaginal dryness

Let’s be honest. Discussing your vaginal dryness is not an easy topic with your doctor or even your girlfriends.  Most of us want any vaginal symptoms quickly and quietly solved whilst hoping that it will somehow go away. While some symptoms may seem simple, they could lead to other more severe conditions and should not […]

Abortion in Japan – What you need to know

abortion in Japan

Abortion is certainly a sensitive topic and sometimes a difficult one to discuss with friends and family.  At the request of members seeking more information on this subject, we have put together the following article on abortion in Japan.Abortion in Japan is legal and performed for patients with economic and social reasons, victims of sexual crime, or […]

Morning After Pill in Japan

morning after pill - HealthyTOKYO.com

Emergency Contraceptives – morning after pills to prevent pregnancy following unprotected sexual intercourse or contraceptive failure, are available at certain OB/GYN clinics/hospitals or ladies’ clinics in Japan and are commonly called “Morning After Pill” (モーニングアフターピル). These pills must be paid by one’s own expense and are not covered by insurance. The morning after pill in […]

Infertility Support Group in Japan

Dr. Taiken Jo, Director at ACURA Acupuncture Clinic in Shibuya

One of our Medical Partners, Taiken Jo, Director and head acupuncturist at Acura Acupuncture Clinic, the leader of acupuncture infertility treatment in Japan, has just recently launched a peer support group called TTC -Trying to Conceive.  Seeing that there has never been an infertility support group in Japan I was interested in finding out just […]

Hormone Imbalance in Women

hormone imbalance in women

Sometimes it seems that hormone imbalance in women can be blamed for any and all emotional unbalances women may have. If we have a bad day there is always someone who accuses us of having PMS. If we have acne, hormones. If we are tired, hormones. If we have a bad hair day…OK, so maybe […]

Ovulation and Basal Body Temperature

Ovulation and Basal Body Temperature

I can remember as a young adult being completely baffled by the female phenomenon. Sure I learned sex ed in school but why was all this happening? Why did I have a period? What was causing it? Why did I have more discharge at this time during the month and less during this time? More […]