Hemp in Japan

6 Reasons Why Hemp in Japan is Making a Comeback

Not to be confused with the controversial marijuana, hemp is a useful and non-intoxicating cousin from the same cannabis family. Little wonder that products made of hemp in Japan are gaining popularity amongst health and eco-conscious trendsetters.
These days, you will find hemp refined into a variety of items including paper, textiles, clothing, food, and animal feed. Before 1948 when a general clampdown on growing all species of cannabis in Japan, hemp was prevalent as a crop. It was used for fabrics, medicines, and religious artifacts While farming hemp is still strictly controlled in Japan, the use of products from hemp grown overseas is exploding. 
These days, hemp is increasingly farmed outside of Japan as worldwide demand increases for CBD, fabrics, and other beneficial products. Here are our top 6 reasons why hemp should be your choice too.
  1. Hemp is great for people with sensitive skin
    Hemp is a natural weed deterrent and requires no pesticides to grow well. Aside from being ideal as a fabric for young children and people with sensitive skin, you can be assured that you are doing your part to limit soil pollution.
  2. Hemp is Earth’s best friend
    Unlike most crops, hemp is truly resource efficient. It takes a mere 3 months from seed to harvest for hemp. It seems that whilst most crop depletes the soil, growing hemp actually restores soil health. In fact, more and more farmers get more out of their lands now that they grow hemp in between their regular crop seasons.
  3. Hemp helps us decrease our carbon footprint
    Compared to cotton, hemp is processed with up to less than half the amount of water for double the yield. As hemp clothing also lasts far longer than any other natural fabric, you probably will not need new clothes for a long time! Apart from recycling, it sounds like hemp might well be another way to further decrease our carbon footprint.
  4. Hemp is a hardworking fabric
    Hemp fibers are very strong. Even when wet, hemp fabric does not stretch nor lose its shape, making it the choice material for boat sails in the olden days. These days, hemp clothing is valued for its excellent drape quality, which closely mimics linen. Its anti-bacterial properties certainly seem ideal for Tokyo’s humid summers! Check out this hemp clothing store in Ebisu to see if eco-fashion is for you.
  5. Hemp is a healthful (and delicious!) addition to your diet
    Little known is that Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein. This is the kind of protein that digests well, even more so than meat or dairy – perfect for Vegans and Vegetarians. Also a rich source of good fatty acids and amino acids, it is no wonder hemp seeds are growing in popularity in Tokyo. If you are curious about the taste of hemp, pop down to this deli for some baked goods using hemp seeds. We think you just might enjoy the buttery and nutty flavor!
  6. CBD oil drops are nutritious and now available in Japan
    Hemp oil has a high concentration of anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Many overseas studies are finding additional benefits of CBD hemp oil drops.

In stores, the word 麻 (asa), will help you identify all products containing hemp in Japan.

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