CBDTokyo launches a new highly concentrated CBD isolate oil, CBD Oil 18.2% (IPPATSU)

We’re thrilled to present the newest star of CBDTokyo, “18.2 – IPPATSU”. 18.2% our highest concentration CBD isolate oil yet.

HealthyTOKYO “CBD Oil 18.2% (IPPATSU)” official page: 


Highest CBD concentration in HealthyTOKYO’s history

This oil contains 1820mg of high-quality CBD isolate per bottle (10ml). Featuring a highly concentrated oil containing 1820mg of CBD in an easy-to-handle 10ml bottle, this new product will support individuals who work diligently in stressful urban and stimulating environments.

CBDTokyo’s long-standing bestseller, CBD Oil 10.4% (TEN-SHI), has always enjoyed immense popularity among the five brands of HealthyTOKYO. Now, in response to customer demand for higher concentrations while maintaining user-friendliness, the CBD content has been nearly doubled.

With just two drops of the new CBD Oil 18.2% (IPPATSU), users can easily achieve the recommended CBD intake of 15-20 mg per serving, making it an accessible product for those seeking regular self-care.

HealthyTOKYO aims for the new CBD Oil 18.2% (IPPATSU) to facilitate quality rest and sleep, supporting individuals in their daily lives during this season when sleepless nights are common. We will also continue to develop innovative CBD and vegan products based on valuable customer feedback.

■ CBDTokyo “CBD Oil 18.2% (IPPATSU)” Product Details

  • Price: 15,500 yen (tax included)
  • Contents: 10ml
    ・CBD isolate: 18.2% concentration
    ・CBD content per bottle of this product: 1820mg
  • Flavor: Gentle notes of coconut and nuts
  • CBD type: CBD isolate
  • Hemp origin: U.S.A. (organically grown)
  • Country of Origin: Made in Japan
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Packaging materials are recyclable
  • Made with organic MCT oil

The all-natural and vegan “CBD Oil 18.2% (IPPATSU)” is now presented in an environmentally friendly glass bottle and adorned with elegant new packaging. Sales will commence on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at HealthyTOKYO stores and the official online store.

Introducing the CBDTokyo Collection by HealthyTOKYO

The CBDTokyo Collection offers a range of functional and innovative CBD isolates crafted with the highest quality standards to support individuals with busy lifestyles and various wellness concerns.

Alongside the newly introduced “CBD Oil 18.2% (IPPATSU)” featuring a high concentration of CBD, our collection includes other premium CBD isolate oils such as “3.9% (SAN-KYU)” and the immensely popular “10.4% (TEN-SHI)”. These oils provide an ideal balance of concentration and affordability, making them perfect for those new to CBD oil. Additionally, our selection now offers enhanced availability and delectable flavors. To further enjoy the benefits of CBD, we also offer a series of CBD-infused gummies and natural menthol sheets tailored to your specific needs.

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