Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan with English-speaking doctors has never been easier. Have you had the thought that traveling all the way over to the clinic or hospital to make the appointment is a hassle, I certainly have. Not interested in any services that require a subscription and you would much rather like the option of a no strings attached service?
You’ve come to the right place, for today we will be going over the effortless procedure for booking doctor appointments online in Japan.

Booking doctor appointments online in Japan

▪ Where can I make doctor appointments online in Japan?

There are certainly multiple sources on the Internet that can give you information on English-speaking doctors in Tokyo, or your local area in Japan, but few websites offer a truly hands-off option for setting up a medical appointment.

▪ Cost of booking doctor appointments online in Japan?

According to HealthyTOKYO, many people ask about the cost of a doctor’s visit in Japan. In short medical costs are very reasonable in Japan. If you have Japanese health insurance and the procedure you are seeking is covered under the national insurance system, your co-pay is 30%, with the doctor receiving the other 70% from the government. The actual cost of a consultation at a clinic or hospital can vary in price for procedures that do not qualify for reimbursement.

In general, an initial consultation fee will run about 1000 yen with insurance and about 3000 yen without. From there charges are calculated based on the procedures and treatment received, and whether or not you get a prescription from the doctor.

University hospitals and other centers of excellence have begun to charge an additional fee of 5000 yen for a visit made without a referral from another doctor. This is being done in an effort to discourage people with trivial cases, like a common cold, from utilizing higher-level medical expertise that could be applied for more serious diseases.

If you are not covered by Japanese insurance, medicals facilities are basically free to charge you what they want. Most clinics charge the total amount they would ordinarily receive from a person with local insurance and the fee reimbursed by the government. Some centers of excellence are charging 2-3 times that for patients coming from overseas without Japanese insurance.

If you are planning on paying by credit card it is a good idea to check ahead of time as some clinics only take cash.

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