Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch

Matcha Love Mother's Day Brunch

HealthyTOKYO and Aloha Table Natural in Hiroo have come together for a special event this Mother’s Day! The Matcha Love Mother’s Day Brunch was created because we wanted to show how matcha we love our mom’s! This special menu will only run from 9.30am-2.30pm on Sunday the 14th of May at Aloha Table Natural so don’t miss out!If you’ve forgotten […]

Where to Buy Natural, Additive-free & Healthy Frozen Pizza in Japan

frozen pizza in Japan

Frozen food is undoubtedly convenient, and pizza is definitely one of the most delicious foods on the planet.  Of course, home made pizza is guaranteed to be healthier, but sometimes life gets in the way and all you want to do when you come home from work is have a ready-made pizza on hand.  Perhaps that’s […]

Jingu Stadium Night Yoga Events

Jingu stadium night yoga

Jingu Stadium Night Yoga is the perfect event if you’re looking to take advantage of the last few remaining warmer nights, make friends and get fit while doing it! Jingu Active Icon, the group behind the event, is bringing together the greats of the Japanese yoga community for free hour long, sessions for all to enjoy!Meiji […]

Where To Buy Healthy Meat in Japan

Where to buy healthy meat in Japan

The grocery store can be a daunting place, and where to buy healthy meat in Japan can be the last thing on your mind after you’ve gone through the aisles full of wonderfully weird products, odd looking produce and colorful candy. If you saw HealthyTOKYO’s previous article about nitrate free meat in Japan then you’re aware of […]

Are you Eating Nitrate Free Meat in Japan?

nitrate free meat in japan

Are you looking for nitrate free meat in Japan?  Meat comprises a large portion of meals because it’s an easily accessible form of protein.  The process of how meat gets from the farm to you seems simple enough, however there are many different steps involved to guarantee safety, taste and aesthetics.  Most people would assume […]

National Azabu Matcha Tasting Event Recap and a Huge Announcement!

National Azabu Matcha Event Recap

It’s time for the the National Azabu matcha tasting event recap for the event last week! HealthyTOKYO had a fabulous weekend sampling our organic matcha and talking to the friendly Tokyo community. Check out our photos on Instagram!   We #love it when our #friends drop by! We’re here til 5 so come say hello! #matchalove #organic […]

Meet Norma at a National Azabu Matcha Tasting Event!

matcha tasting event at national Azabu!

Good news matcha lovers! This weekend, there’s going to be a National Azabu matcha tasting event! National Azabu supermarket in Hiroo is the first retail outlet to sell HealthyTOKYO organic matcha! Just because we love you, HealthyTOKYO is giving out free vegan matcha lattes and healthy matcha treats this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I saved the best for last, […]

Matcha Honey Butter – a decadent spread free from trans fats, hydrogenated oils and refined sugars

matcha honey butter

If you’ve tried my matcha sauce recipe then you’ll love this matcha honey butter! I’m always thinking about healthy condiments and spreads for baked goods because the store bought varieties are completely overloaded with refined sugar, hydrogenated fats and other additives. In my opinion, nothing beats butter and honey on toast or freshly baked bread for both […]

The Best Way to Shop Healthy Foods and Products Online in Japan

Shop healthy foods and products online in Japan

If you’re struggling to find and shop healthy foods and products online in Japan, then I have some good news for you! The team at HealthyTOKYO has been working around the clock to bring you the best shopping experience ever.  We have just launched the new and improved version of our new online store this week!  Since the […]