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CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree New Release

New Product Release for CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree | HealthyTOKYO, the pioneer of the CBD industry in Japan, introduces its first-ever CBD-infused body oil. The product features a blend of 17 naturally derived ingredients.


HealthyTOKYO (Headquarters: 1-22-2-1F Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Michael Bobrove), a trailblazer in Japan’s CBD and vegan markets, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the new vegan CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree, also known as “CBD Body Oil YT”. This superior body oil, replete with moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, promises convenience and care for your skin anytime, anywhere.

The CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree is a fresh addition to HealthyTOKYO’s groundbreaking CBD product range. Each 100ml bottle contains a generous 500mg of premium broad-spectrum CBD, recognized for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes that contribute to healthier skin. Alongside this, the oil is enriched with yuzu oil for calming effects, tea tree oil for its antibacterial features, jojoba oil for intense moisturization, kukui nut oil for post-sunburn skin care, and additional ingredients such as camellia oil, olive oil, almond oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil, and squalane derived from sugar cane. This blend contains 17 naturally derived ingredients, carefully selected and mixed using a non-thermal process to maintain their beneficial properties. The superior CBD, extracted from organically grown hemp, combined with the power of natural botanicals, ensures skin stays moisturized, soft, and radiant.

The CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree boasts a light and airy texture that applies smoothly on the skin, ensuring no stickiness even when used during the day. Its versatile texture makes it not only an excellent daily moisturizer but also a soothing massage oil post-bath. The refreshing aroma of tea tree and yuzu uplifts your mood.

The CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree is a 100% natural and vegan product, set to be available in HealthyTOKYO stores and on the official online store from June 7, 2022.

Established in February 2011, HealthyTOKYO started as a humble health and wellness business, growing into a frontrunner in the Japanese CBD oil market and a trendsetter in the vegan food industry. HealthyTOKYO has been at the forefront of many firsts in the industry: introducing CBD oil to Japan in 2016, opening the first CBD specialty store in Harajuku, and launching the HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop at Haneda Airport in 2018, the world’s first CBD products store at an airport, and the first vegan café in an airport in Japan. Today, vegan CBD stores and cafes continue to proliferate in Haneda, Harajuku, Daikanyama, Edogawa, and beyond.

HealthyTOKYO was the first in Japan to develop CBD facial masks and last year launched a yuzu-scented CBD hand cream, which is now a best-seller.

CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from natural hemp plants and is classified as a “food” in Japan. Its potential health benefits have received international acclaim, with overseas studies highlighting its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, as well as its potential for pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, and its positive impact on the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and certain forms of epilepsy. To cater to diverse needs, CBD is now available in a variety of forms, including oils, gummies, candies, cosmetics, and compresses.

Research shows that CBD has antioxidant properties which may combat aging and wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory attributes could prevent dryness, reduce itching, and treat skin conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. CBD is also believed to minimize skin irritation, making it ideal for sensitive skin


Full Japanese press release : https://www.dreamnews.jp/press/0000259749/

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