HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop in Haneda airport

CBD Oil in Tokyo Haneda Airport

HealthyTOKYO, Japan’s CBD Pioneer and Vegan Innovator opened a CBD shop and vegan cafe where you can buy CBD oil in Tokyo Haneda Airport 365 days a year. CBD oil products have become incredibly popular around the world and Japan is no exception. The availability at Haneda, also known as Tokyo International Airport adds a new level of convenience and accessibility all-year-round to buy CBD oil in Tokyo.

HealthyTOKYO was established in 2011. Since that time, we have developed a strong online presence offering vegan foods, CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD cosmetics, CBD edibles and CBD vapes as well as solid practical advice about how to stay healthy in Japan.

On December 28, 2018 we opened our first all-vegan cafe & shop in Haneda Airport Terminal 2. We followed with many more CBD shop and cafe openings in prime locations in downtown Tokyo and continue to plans to open further shop locations.

Not all CBD oils are created equal. HealthyTOKYO has five premium brands to meet all of your needs. CBD products for relaxing, bedtime, a boost of energy, cosmetics and for dogs and cats. All of our products are made in Japan from the finest ingredients.

All of our brands use CBD extracted from organically farmed hemp. The CBD oil is extracted using only CO2 without the use of harmful solvents or alcohol. All of

HealthyTOKYO’s CBD oils in Japan are specially formulated to be sold legally and meet the stringent requirements of the Japanese government.

We also offer an extensive line up of CBD oil products in our brick and mortar shops and online for worldwide delivery. 

Here is a rundown of just a few of the many CBD oils available in Haneda Airport

HealthyTOKYO CBD Oil 12% in Yuzu and Hakka Mint

CBD Concentration: 12%

Flavor: Yuzu or Hakka Mint

Volume 20ml

Contains organic broad spectrum CBD Oil, MCT Oil and Japanese essential oils

This is our flagship product, developed exclusively for HealthyTOKYO. Made with the highest quality CBD oil, natural Yuzu and other citrus essential oils. Yuzu, for those of you unfamiliar, is a Japanese citrus with a wonderful essence that is most pleasant to the pallet. This is a l2% concentration of CBD oil in a 20ml bottle, perfect for travel.

If you want to try a drink using this CBD Oil in Tokyo Haneda Airport, check out HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shops CBD drink menu before your next flight.

CBDTokyo Night Gummies 26.1

Active Ingredients: 26.1 mg of CBD isolate per gummy, Kuwansou (a.k.a. Okinawa sleeping grass), GABA and vitamin D

Flavor: Blueberry

50 pieces per bottle/

This is a very popular product and the perfect bedtime companion.

Where to purchase CBD Oil in Japan

You can purchase CBD Oil in Tokyo Haneda Airport exclusively in HealthyTOKYO’s Haneda Airport location at the same price as online. You can also find our products at any of our downtown shops.

HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop Information Haneda Airport

HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop

Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) Terminal 2 – 3F

3-4-2 Hanedakuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041


Hours 6:30 – 20:00 365 days a year

Our 100% Vegan cafe & shop is located in the ANA Terminal 2 on the 3rd Floor in the Upper Deck Tokyo Area. We are on the land side so you do not require a ticket to enter for a delicious drink, meal or shopping.


Online Orders

To order online, please visit our online shop. We ship to any address in Japan.

For those of you wanting to purchase online, We will deliver to any address in Japan, including hotels and AirBNB. Orders placed online before 14:00 pm on a weekdays will be shipped the same day. Orders received on weekends and holidays will be processed on the next business day. The CBD oil products will generally arrive the day after shipping in most locations, but can take up to two days for those places far away from Tokyo.

If you have any questions, please call, chat or send a message to

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