Nutritionist in Tokyo – Interview with Sheeba Majmudar

Today I interviewed Sheeba Majmudar, an award-winning nutritionist in Tokyo and Singapore. She is an acclaimed author as well. Sheeba has a Master of Science and Nutrition and offers expert nutritional consultation with a naturopathic approach. Our  discussion was refreshing as Sheeba oozed enthusiasm from the moment we sat down to speak. Her straightforward approach to healthcare and her unique and encompassing methods are impressive.

Sheeba is passionate about her career path but it was not always her intended destination in life. Her son was two and a half when he developed bronchitis. A traumatising experience, Sheeba had to wake him up in the night for inhalers, and was told the words no mother wants to hear: “This may or may not get better.” With no solution in sight she began to investigate on her own, reading everything she could get her hands on. This is where her passion was sparked and eventually led to the completion of her master’s degree in nutrition. “Just the tip of the iceberg”, Sheeba tells me.

She went on to open her practice as a nutritionist in Tokyo and Singapore with an aim to explore a different dimension of healing incorporating both physical and spiritual approaches to health. She discovered how well this symphony can really work. 

Soon after that she published her book Edible to Incredible (And All Things Between) a Nutrition Toolkit for Every Home”. This handy book guides readers to improve their health by paying attention to many root issues often missed by the medical profession.

Sheeba continued to grow and learn as a practitioner, alongside her own personal journey, gaining a new channel into health and nutrition every year. “The whole medical industry is in a state of flux, new information means new contradictions. There is a lot of misinformation these days so the best thing to consider is whether it is relevant to you. What I do best is guide people to find what is best for them. Eighty percent of the time hitting the nail on the head is going to have a positive impact,” she says.

Sheeba insists on an initial assessment before helping any of her clients. She feels it is important to look into what is happening in each individual’s body. She is one of the few nutritionists who has been trained to understand the relevance of blood tests, beyond just the numbers. She believes that using biochemistry is one of the most important tools to help her patients answer many of the questions they may not have had answered by the medical community. She also believes it is empowering for people to be able to effectively work on their health, stating that “all good results come when people can understand their body and health and work on specific areas for improvement.”

Sheeba says her time at the healthcare giant Verita Healthcare was invaluable, “I learned a lot from working for Verita. Dr. Kimberly Balas, help me to develop my skills as a Naturopath. It was at this time that I learned about in-depth blood chemistry analysis, not just your typical functional blood analysis. It is so much more specific than general blood chemistry analysis and has a predictive quality which can help me to further guide my clients.”

Sheeba teaches her patients how to “fish” for information and listen to their bodies. A great believer that no professional can tell you what is right for your own body. Sheeba gives the following example: “There are many health benefits of eating walnuts, but if you are allergic to them then this is not right for you. It may be the best food in the world, but it may not be right for your body.”

“People are failing to listen to and understand their bodies. There is a lot of talk about diet, fasting, fitness and biohacking. This is all great but we have a certain amount of toxins that build up in our bodies over time and need to find ways to continue to detoxify the body. My book is about detoxification in an urban setting.”

“You don’t need to get away from it all to detox, like going away every now and again to a detox holiday. It is about the everyday, like how you wash your body, that is a detox. It is about how you handle and treat your body and support yourself on a daily basis.”

Sheeba says her work is relevant to anyone but of course will be more relevant to those people experiencing health challenges. “I would say my strength is connecting the dots and putting it all together. I put it across in a way people understand which motivates them to take their health to the next level.”

A large part of her approach is that she thinks it is important for people to continue to ask questions. “People are still coming to me after ten years. I often hear that doctors are not explaining blood tests and other medical information to people and so they feel defeated and lost. For example if you have high cholesterol and the doctor just turns round and says you need to take medication for life. This can make people feel they have reached a dead-end and can be upsetting. I am trying to do the opposite. I am trying to enlighten people and show them the next way forward. It is all a step by step journey.”

Sheeba currently has two practices, as a nutritionist in Tokyo and Singapore. She coaches clients over Skype when it makes sense for them. She also runs an award-winning fat loss program, One80, which she says has changed many lives.

I asked her about the areas of Japanese lifestyle she feels are good or could be changed. Sheeba joked that the Japanese government has purposely not made it easy: “There are stairs everywhere. I think it’s a good thing, I’m all for it. Everyone is in agreement that Japanese food culture is one of the healthiest in the world. They are obsessed with the freshness of produce and eat a lot of raw fish. They also have a high sense of hygiene in Japan, I have been all over the world but have never seen this level of hygiene.”

Sheeba says the levels of toxins on this earth have increased and we are surrounded by a cocktail of toxins, from wifi, to bluescreen and food toxicity even unborn children are exposed to it. She says it is not in Japanese culture to go and seek a basic health enquiry. Now more than ever it would be beneficial to go and seek a baseline assessment if you have health concerns as we are progressively exposed to this ‘cocktail of toxins’ that our grandparents never experienced.

“I always listen to my clients. For example, if someone has a fungal toenail infection then I may use aromatherapy to treat it. I always pull from my broad skill set to help specialise to guide the client with  the appropriate treatment. The length of sessions a person needs depends on the issue and themselves. If it is backache they may just need one cranio sacral session. It really depends. I usually get a client who comes to me and then the whole family and friends get involved.”

“If I had any advice for readers about ways in which they can stay healthy. Well haha I could repeat things already obvious like drink enough water, but no. Really the biggest piece of advice I can give is to be in a state of enquiry of your body and yourself and see where that takes you. Ask questions.”

“It is important for people to have a relational aspect with their healthcare practitioner, which is very important to how I engage with my clients. I would look at the health practitioner’s background to see how much they have been able to help themselves and their loved ones. That would say a lot about how they can help you.”

Sheeba offers a hands-on and liberating approach to improving health. She works alongside her clients helping them to discover and resolve their health issues by allowing them to understand the root of their problems. Her passion is in helping people to understand their body and what works best for them. Her customized approach to her clients’ needs is highly received by most people who want to learn about optimizing their health and the workings of their body. Sheeba is a highly trained and experienced nutritionist in Tokyo and Singapore with a passion for health. From her book, to her health services, to her classes, she has so much to offer. You can learn more about Sheeba and her practice on her website.

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