Is CoQ10 cream in Japan good for your skin?

coq10 cream in japan

CoQ10 cream in Japan seems to be the latest miracle skincare product. The molecule known as Co-enzyme Q10 also goes by the name Ubiquinone. The name Ubiquinone comes from its bountiful availability in most, if not all, living things. CoQ10 has moisturizing properties that are known to bring you soft, supple skin. In my attempt to get […]

Pumpkin Fritters with Noodles and Ginger Sweet Chili Sauce

pumpkin fritters with noodles and ginger sweet chili sauce

Ginger goes so well in Asian cuisine so we decided again to bring east and west together in this recipe for pumpkin fritters with noodles and ginger sweet chili sauce. This recipe is full of fiber and free from refined carbohydrates thanks to the oat flour. The sweetness of the butternut squash and corn complement the […]

Back to School Lunch Ideas in Japan

back to school lunch ideas in Japan

It’s hard to think about back to school lunch ideas in Japan when you’re in the midst of summer vacation. Summer and a freer schedule is a refreshing and welcome change for most families.  Less time is spent watching the clock during the carefree days of summer and meals are more relaxed. As summer winds down and […]

Healthy Bread in Japan as Part of a Balanced Diet

healthy bread in japan

Healthy bread in Japan is always on my shopping list. I’d wager most people eat healthy bread in Japan at least once a day. Whether it’s a hot and crunchy piece of toast in the morning, a focaccia sandwich at lunchtime or a chewy piece of naan bread with curry; bread is a major staple […]

Ginger Mushroom Stir Fry with Mashed Potatoes

tiny ginger mushroom stir fry with mashed potatoes

Stir fries are such an easy, healthy weeknight dinner option and this recipe for ginger mushroom stir fry with mashed potatoes has a delicious secret! Not only does ginger feature in this recipe, giving it a distinctly asiatic flavor with a deliciously fresh aroma, but it is sweetened naturally and healthily with carob syrup! This recipe for […]

Organic Rice in Japan Combines History, Health & Quality

organic rice in Japan

If you were asked to name a food synonymous with Japan, rice would most likely be your answer.  Rice is deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of Japan.  It is the world’s most important food crop ahead of wheat, corn and bananas.  Rice is a major staple for many countries all over the world.  But have you […]

I Tried Cleansing Oil in Japan and Here’s What Happened!

Cleansing oil in Japan Yuko

Before I tried cleansing oil in Japan I always thought it would make my skin break out and look greasier. Cleaning my face with oil just seems counterproductive! What would happen? Do I wash it down the drain? Does it leave a greasy film? Will it clean my face properly? Cleansing oil in Japan is […]

Using Anti-allergenic Sunscreen in Japan

Finding a trusted, anti-allergenic sunscreen in Japan is so important during the hot, humid summers. Coming from an Aussie, you can trust that I take my sun protection seriously! However, sunscreen in Japan is very different to sunscreen from overseas. Compared to sunscreen from abroad, Japanese sunscreens come in very small bottles and the consistency is very […]

How To Buy Healthy Groceries in Japan

how to buy healthy groceries in Japan

Navigating how to buy healthy groceries in Japan is a major concern as an expat in Japan. Have you ever given much thought to what additives are in your food? Currently in Japan, there are four hundred and forty nine additives allowed in food regulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 449!  To […]