vegan sweets in Tokyo

Vegan Sweets in Tokyo

Looking for vegan sweets in Tokyo? HealthyTOKYO has you covered with two convenient vegan cafes in downtown Harajuku and Haneda Airport Terminal 2.

Vegan cake & chocolate in Harajuku

The HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe in Harajuku is an intimate venue serving homemade signature vegan sweets and drinks. Here you can have your treats with or without CBD oil infusion. Thick New York style cheesecake, Mont Blanc cake made with organic chestnuts and soy cream and lip-smacking gluten-free Gâteau au chocolat. Just a few of the sinful creations available. Most vegan sweets in Tokyo tend to taste different from their animal-based alternatives – Not at HealthyTOKYO. They pride themselves on creating vegan sweets that any carnivore will covet. 

In Harajuku you can also buy the Super CBD Brownie. This vegan sweet contains a whopping 45mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Rich vegan chocolates with CBD and vegan Earl Grey CBD cookies also await the sweet-toothed traveler and local alike.

Oh yes, then there is the drink menu. If you are looking for liquid vegan sweets in Tokyo try Cocoa Bliss made with organic cocoa, organic soy milk and 15mg of CBD.

Another popular drink is Matcha Latte Smile created with Japan’s finest organic matcha powder, soy milk and sugarcane from Okinawa – Available with or without CBD. Homemade fruit sodas including creations like Blueberry Bubbles and Ginger Sparkle are also not to be missed.

The HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe is located a just a few minutes from Harajuku and Jingumae stations. Click here for a link to Google Maps and here is a slideshow of how to navigate using Google Street View.

Muffins and more in Haneda Airport

Flying in or out of Haneda? You are in luck as HealthyTOKYO has their full lineup of vegan sweets in Tokyo’s most travelled airport. In addition to the cake and cookie delights mentioned above, you will find an assortment of seasonal muffins as well as salads, curries and HealthyTOKYO’s famous gluten-free lasagna. The entire menu is vegan and available for takeout. 

The HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shop in Haneda is located in Terminal 2 on the third floor in the Upper Deck Tokyo food area. 

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