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What happens if I smoke CBD?

“What happens when you inhale CBD oil?” With the growing popularity of CBD oil, this question has become more common. Inhalation, as one of the options for incorporating CBD, has gained attention due to its direct delivery. In this article, we will address questions and concerns related to inhaling CBD oil.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inhaling CBD Oil

Common questions about inhaling CBD oil often revolve around “the proper way to inhale CBD” and “questions when inhaling into the lungs.”

How Do You Inhale CBD into the Lungs?

Inhaling CBD oil into the lungs requires the use of suitable tools and inhalation techniques.

  • [Tools for Inhaling CBD Oil]

Generally, CBD oil inhalers and CBD oil vapes are used. You refill them with dedicated CBD oil liquid and inhale.

  • [Inhalation Techniques for CBD Oil]

To ensure that CBD reaches the lungs, the inhalation technique involves taking slow, deep breaths and holding the breath for an extended period when inhaling. Those with smoking experience may find it more intuitive, but beginners should gradually experiment until they find their technique.

What Happens When You Hold CBD in Your Lungs?

Inhaling CBD oil into the lungs can lead to a more direct and noticeable effect. However, it’s crucial to maintain the proper dosage and inhalation technique. Holding CBD oil in your lungs can increase the amount of CBD absorbed in one inhalation. For those looking to make the most of their CBD and enjoy flavors, vaporizing the CBD by holding it in your mouth before inhaling might be a good option.

What Is the Proper Way to Inhale CBD?

There are three main inhalation methods for CBD oil.
As mentioned earlier, these include:

  • inhaling into the lungs
  • holding the vapor in your mouth before inhaling
  • and inhaling into the lungs after initially holding the vapor in your mouth.

Each person’s experience and preference vary, so discovering your preferred method can be enjoyable. CBD concentration and dosage also play a role, so beginners should start slowly and adjust as needed. According to the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA), the recommended daily intake is around 70mg of CBD.

In Conclusion

The direct approach of inhalation offers a way to fully savor the flavors. If you are interested in vaping for relaxation purposes, or to potentially enhance sleep quality, why not start with HealthyTOKYO’s high-quality products? Our CBD Vape Kit is also popular among first-timers, providing a worry-free introduction to vaping.
I hope your questions about the method of inhaling CBD oil have been answered. If not, please reach out to us and we can answer it in the next article.


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