Circumcision in Japan

circumcision in japan

Circumcision in Japan is not an operation traditional to the culture.  A general study of global male circumcision rates shows that less than 1% of the population in Japan is circumcised. With the exception of Korea with a high circumcision rate of nearly 80%, most Asian countries have a circumcised population of about 10%.

Recently, the topic has been garnering greater interest in Japan as an increasing number of adults seek out clinics that perform circumcisions. In addition, as the population of expats begins to grow again, there tend to be more people asking the question “where do I take my son for a circumcision in Japan”.

Circumcision in Japanese is called katsurei (割礼), phimosis is called houkei (包茎) and the operation is called either katsurei-shujyutsu (割礼手術) or houkei-shujyutsu (包茎手術).

For those of you not familiar with circumcision, it is usually performed on males during their early years, but adults can also undergo the procedure. The foreskin of the penis is surgically removed during the operation. Japanese doctors may make an incision near the base of the penis instead of the foreskin on Asian patients during a circumcision, so that the scar is not as easily visible. Let’s take a look at where to go for a circumcision in Japan and how much it costs.

circumcision in japan

Where to go?

Clinics performing circumcisions tend to promote through adverts in men’s magazines and on trains. Many of the more popular ads include images of young men pulling up their turtle neck sweaters to cover half of their faces. Facilities specializing in circumcision procedures also offer telephone or email consultation and tend to reassure patients that they are discrete and will be in good hands with their mostly male staff. Aside from basic procedures, other services include ED treatments, STD checks, and other optional procedures.

There are some maternity clinics that offer circumcisions for newborn children. Please consult your doctor or hospital/clinic for any information about circumcision and locations that offer them. It may be rare to find a venue that offers these procedures in English, in which case, please consider taking a friend or interpreter or contact HealthyTOKYO for assistance

How much does it cost?

In cases where a circumcision in Japan is to be carried out for medical purposes, patients can undergo the surgery for a lesser amount as the national health insurance covers most of the procedural expenses. General cost will vary depending on facilities and type of procedure one chooses. The fees can range around 30,000 yen. However, the most common type of circumcision procedure kanjyou-sekkai-jyutsu (環状切開術) will average around 100,000 yen.

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