Is It Safe to Consume CBD and Alcohol Together? A Comprehensive Guide on Risks and Precautions

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural component known for its relaxing effects and stress improvement. It is being incorporated into supplements, oils, cosmetics, and health foods, and recent studies have focused on the combination of CBD and alcohol.

In this article, we will thoroughly explain the risks of consuming CBD and alcohol simultaneously and the effects of CBD on alcohol. We will also introduce precautions to take when consuming both, so please read until the end.

Is It Dangerous to Consume CBD and Alcohol at the Same Time?

Currently, there are no confirmed adverse effects on the human body when CBD and alcohol are consumed together.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a clinical trial where 10 people were administered “CBD capsules and alcohol” and “alcohol alone” to observe the impact on the human body. The result showed no difference in motor or mental impairment levels between those who consumed CBD capsules with alcohol and those who only consumed alcohol.

Additionally, another study found that consuming CBD before alcohol can reduce blood alcohol levels, suggesting that consuming CBD and alcohol together might not be problematic.

Other studies involving humans and mice have been conducted on the simultaneous intake of CBD and alcohol, but the reality is that there are still few clinical trials. There are many unknowns, so caution is needed to avoid excessive consumption.

What are the Effects of CBD on Alcohol?

Alcohol has various effects, such as boosting metabolism and relaxation, but excessive drinking can have adverse effects on the body. What kind of effects does CBD have on alcohol?

Hangover Prevention

The alcohol we consume is broken down in the liver into acetaldehyde, then further broken down into acetic acid and expelled from the body. However, excessive drinking can increase blood alcohol levels, leading to nausea, headaches, and heartburn, resulting in a hangover. As previously explained, CBD has been found to reduce blood alcohol levels, thus preventing hangovers. Additionally, CBD has effects on improving gastrointestinal problems, migraines, and nausea, which can help alleviate hangover symptoms.

Potential Support for Alcoholism

CBD is said to have the potential to support the treatment of “alcoholism,” which causes physical and mental harm due to excessive alcohol consumption. In 2017, an experiment on mice showed effectiveness in treating alcoholism. As research on humans gradually increases, more credible study results are expected.

Prevention of Nausea and Vomiting

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause symptoms of nausea and vomiting due to incomplete breakdown in the liver. A 2011 study reported that CBD has effects on suppressing nausea and vomiting. This study was conducted on rats, but the effects on humans are also highly anticipated.

Alleviation of Headaches

A study by Axon Relief, a supplement manufacturer for migraines, found that CBD oil intake improved migraines. In the experiment involving 105 people with migraine symptoms, 86% experienced headache relief after taking CBD oil.

Protection of Brain Cells

Excessive drinking is said to have adverse effects on brain cells. CBD is expected to mitigate the damage caused by alcohol to brain cells. In a 2019 experiment on rats, brain cell damage caused by alcohol was reduced by up to 49% with CBD intake.

Mitigation of Liver Damage

Alcohol puts a strain on the liver when consumed excessively. A 2017 experiment showed that mice with inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver due to ethanol intake exhibited improvements when given CBD. CBD is also thought to be effective in improving lipid accumulation caused by alcohol intake.

Improvement of Sleep Quality

Acetaldehyde, produced from breaking down alcohol, has a waking effect. Thus, drinking alcohol can lower sleep quality. A 2022 study involving humans reported improved sleep quality with CBD intake, suggesting that CBD can improve sleep quality deteriorated by alcohol.

Reducing Blood Alcohol Levels

When alcohol enters the body, 20% is absorbed in the stomach, and most of the rest is absorbed in the small intestine before dissolving in the blood. Higher blood alcohol levels increase the burden on the liver and the risk of hangovers.

CBD is expected to reduce blood alcohol levels, preventing or alleviating hangover symptoms.

What Are the Risks of Consuming CBD and Alcohol Together?

As for the risks of consuming CBD and alcohol simultaneously, research data is still insufficient. While some studies suggest more benefits than risks, reports of risks like:

  • Feeling lethargic or sleepy
  • Entering a state of intoxication exists. Therefore, it is currently impossible to assert that there are no risks at all.

Precautions When Consuming CBD and Alcohol Together

Similar to alcohol, caution is needed regarding the amount of CBD consumed.

Excessive intake can lead to:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Palpitations
  • Loose stools can have adverse effects on the body.

When consuming CBD, a guideline is to intake 0.25-0.5mg (twice) per 1kg of body weight.

While appropriate amounts of CBD and alcohol can provide effects like hangover prevention, feeling secure with CBD intake can lead to the danger of excessive alcohol consumption.

Even if you consume CBD, drinking too much alcohol can still lead to a hangover or drunkenness, so it is important to enjoy both in moderation.


CBD is expected to have stress relief and relaxation effects. Currently, no adverse effects have been confirmed when consumed with alcohol.

Both have relaxing effects, thus showing high compatibility. A paper published in 1979 reported “decreased motor and psychomotor abilities” and “extended perception of time.”

However, as research on the effects on the human body is still not sufficient, caution must be exercised against excessive consumption.


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