Enjoying CBD in Beverages! Why CBD Juice and CBD Coffee are Recommended

Have you heard of CBD (Cannabidiol)? Its popularity has been steadily rising lately, thanks to the buzz it’s been getting on social media. CBD is a component found in cannabis and is said to offer various benefits such as stress relief, fatigue recovery, and pain relief. The great thing is that CBD doesn’t have the mind-altering effects or addiction potential that cannabis does, making it legal and accessible in Japan.

While you can consume CBD in various forms like oils, creams, chocolates, and more, CBD drinks have gained popularity recently. Some of the CBD beverage options include CBD juice, CBD coffee, CBD beer, and CBD water. In this article, we’ll introduce the features and benefits of CBD juice and CBD coffee, so read on to find out more.

List of most common CBD Beverages:

  • CBD Juice
  • CBD Coffee
  • CBD Beer
  • CBD Water

CBD juice refers to beverages that combine CBD with juices from fruits or vegetables. It’s refreshing and very easy to drink. One of its distinctive features is that it allows you to simultaneously enjoy the benefits of both the juice’s natural nutrients and CBD.

Potential Benefits
CBDAnti-inflammatory properties
Appetite suppression
Antioxidant effects
(Fruit) JuiceVitamin A
Vitamin E

Here are some potential benefits you can expect from CBD juice:

  • Radiant Skin: Some studies suggest that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with the skin-friendly nutrients like vitamins A and E found in juice, CBD juice might help reduce inflammation, possibly even helping with issues like acne.
  • Weight Management: There is research indicating that CBD can suppress appetite, making it useful for preventing unnecessary snacking or overeating. While some people find it challenging to continue using CBD oil due to its taste, turning it into juice makes it a delicious way to incorporate CBD into your routine.
  • Antioxidant Effects: CBD is also believed to have antioxidant properties that combat free radicals in the body. CBD juice, which includes vitamin C and polyphenols found in juice, is ideal for those concerned about their health.

Relax and Enhance Concentration with CBD Coffee

CBD coffee is a type of beverage that combines CBD with regular coffee. It retains the aroma and taste of coffee while adding the potential benefits of CBD.

Potential Benefits
CBDAnti-inflammatory properties
Appetite suppression
Antioxidant effects
CoffeeFatigue reduction
Improved focus

Here are some potential benefits you can expect from CBD coffee:

  • Relaxation: Some studies suggest that CBD has a calming effect and can alleviate stress and anxiety. CBD coffee combines the soothing properties of coffee’s aroma and flavor with CBD, potentially providing an enhanced sense of relaxation.
  • Improved Focus: As CBD is known for promoting relaxation, it might help clear your mind of distracting thoughts, allowing for improved concentration. Whether you need a mental boost for work or study, CBD coffee could be a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are CBD beverages?

A: CBD beverages are drinks that contain CBD (Cannabidiol). They are expected to offer health and beauty benefits.

Q: What are the effects of CBD drinks?

A: CBD drinks can provide a sense of relaxation, fatigue recovery, stress relief, and improved concentration.

Q: Where can I try and/or buy these CBD drinks?

A: You can purchase CBD drinks from one of our HealthyTOKYO Cafe & Shops. We have several stores based in Tokyo and even Sapporo. Locations can be found here.


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