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Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Location: 3-12-19 Ginza, Chuo-Ku 104 – 0061

Nearest Stations:
* Ginza Station: 5 minutes walk
* Higashi-Ginza Station Exit A7: 2 minutes walk

From A7 exit of Higashi-Ginza station, walk down Showa-street, turn right at the corner of Men’s wear store and immediately turn right between League café and Chinese noodle shop. You will find our sign “Kirei cuisine restaurant G&V” at first floor of Rakushin Building on the left hand side. (Next to Chinese noodle shop)

From A11 exit of Ginza Station, walk down to corner of “ Matsuya” department store (Louis Vuitton located at the corner) and turn right, walk down Ginza-marronnier Street to Showa street and walk across Showa street, Turn right between League Café and Chinese noodle shop, immediately you will find us on the left hand side.

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  • Japanese

At Macrobiotic Cooking School G-Veggie in Ginza, we emphasize the notion of balance, variety and timing for delicious & pleasant cooking based on the theory of Macrobiotics. Come experience KIREI- Cuisine, simple and healthy cooking with our “sense of balance” concept.


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Cooking School

Macrobiotic Vegetarian Food

More About the School

A Macrobiotic food approach to living consists of consuming natural unprocessed foods that are balanced energetically and nutritionally. We believe that eating natural food that is full of life-energy rejuvenates your body and mind. We cherish traditional Japanese food culture. G-Veggie is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of this wholesome way of eating for happy and bright generations to come. Macrobiotic Cooking School G-Veggie in Ginza has traditionally served only the Japanese-speaking community. Our lectures draw out the beauty and energy we all possess and help our mind and bodies get healthy from the inside.

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Our services include a Macrobiotic cooking school, restaurant, on-line shop and organic-life classes.

Macrobiotic Cooking School G-Veggie in Ginza
Here you can learn the basics of Macrobiotic cooking using seasonal ingredients and real traditional “ fermented foods”. Our simple & delicious cooking classes are fun and easy to understand. Whether you are an experienced chef or have rarely set foot in the kitchen, there is always something to learn in our classes about Macrobiotic cooking. Furthermore, you can gain knowledge of the foods that support and enhance your physical condition. Macrobiotics has no any dietary limitations; it provides the wisdom to eat in the right way to stay healthy.

Kirei-Cuisine at G&V Restaurant
G&V Restaurant serves Kirei-cuisine – Dishes full of natural energy using plenty of gifts from mother earth such as grains, vegetables and also real traditional Japanese “fermented foods”. Don’t miss our monthly G&V Buffet Night.

e-Macrobiotic online shop
We have an online shop with carefully selected organic ingredients and other products to practice your cooking skills at home and support your organic life.

Organic Life One-Day Class
We hold various types of one-day classes to support your healthy organic life.

– 1 Day Macrobiotic Cooking Class
– Italian Sweets Cooking Class
– NYC style Organic Diet Class
– Kyusei (Horoscope pneumatics) Class
– Men’s Macro Cooking Class
– Table SADO (The tea ceremony)
– Organic Cooking Sommelier Class
– 1 Day Agriculture Experience Tour