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The Jade Rose Tea Bowl features a “cracked” emerald esthetic reminiscent of matcha. The tapered design adds a delicate beauty to the chawan. This is a Kyoto ware piece decorated by Eiko Miyaji.

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The Jade Rose Tea Bowl showcases a delicate beauty. The Jade coloring on this chawan is reminiscent of matcha itself and is accentuated with a cracked looking finish. These cracks are not real cracks however, but rather an aesthetic quality.

Add a touch of gentle elegance to your matcha tea ware collection with the Jade Rose Tea Bowl.

Chawan or tea bowls are a prized teaware item in every Tea Master’s collection.

Sen Rikyu, served as the Tea Master under two successive Daimyo (leaders) Oda Nobunaga and Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Sen Rikyu is considered the father of Tea Ceremony, his fame and reverence surpassing both time and distance. When he was ordered to commit ritual suicide or Seppuku, he held one last grand tea ceremony. At the conclusion of his final tea ceremony, he bequeathed all his priceless tea ware and unique tea implements to the guests present. All except one chawan. Sen Rikyu shattered this chawan in a dramatic fashion, exclaiming “Never again shall this cup, polluted by the lips of misfortune, be used by man”, so to forever preserve the essence of his most beloved possession.

You too can add an irreplaceable tea bowl to your matcha tea ware collection.

The Jade Rose Tea Bowl is a Kyoto Ware tea ware piece. It is hand made in Japan and features a beautiful floral design. The tapered quality of this chawan add to the gentle quality.

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Jade rose Tea bowl


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